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Feijóo withdraws the PP resource that requests the acquittal of Bárcenas and points to Casado

The PP is going to withdraw the appeal that it registered on April 19 before the Supreme Court in response to the sentence of the National High Court that condemned the party led by Alberto Núñez Feijóo for reforming with B money the national headquarters of number 13 of the Madrilenian Genoa street. This was announced this Monday by the Deputy Secretary of Institutional Affairs, Esteban González Pons, at a press conference in which he pointed out the previous leadership of Pablo Casado as responsible and in which he assured that the party’s lawyers acted without the knowledge of the maximum responsible.

The National Court condemns Luis Bárcenas and the PP for the reform of its headquarters with black money

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“The national leadership has learned through the media that a lawyer’s appeal calls for the acquittal of Bárcenas,” González Pons stated. One of the leaders closest to Feijóo has pointed out that the document “was drafted in November”, that is, when Pablo Casado fully directed the organization. And he showed up ad cautelam three days before the national congress” in Seville, that is, before Feijóo assumed full powers on the seventh floor of Génova, 13, the epicenter building of this corruption case and that the PP has decided not to sell.

For their part, sources from the previous management assured this Monday to that they had “nothing to do with it.” “No order was given in that regard. Married did not know anything ”, the same sources have settled.

“We are sure that the PP is innocent and was unjustly convicted”, said González Pons. But he added that, in this case, “the legal strategy collides with the political logic” and that “politics should outweigh the legal strategy.” A phrase that arrives a week before the elections in Andalusia, an election that the PP leadership considers won and in which the only thing left to elucidate, according to the party’s spokesman today, is whether they govern alone or with the support of the far right.

“The management has decided to withdraw the appeal”, González Pons announced. “We did not know it and we do not share it,” he has pointed out. Asked by the journalists, the deputy secretary explained that the appeal was “drafted in November” and that it was presented to the Supreme Court “three days before” the XX National Congress (extraordinary) that was held in Seville on April 1 and 2.

But the appeal is signed by the PP lawyer in this case, Jesús Santos, and by the prosecutor, on April 19. Almost three weeks after Feijóo assumed command of the party. According to the explanations of the national leadership, the lawyer acted on his behalf, without asking for permission or opinion from the new leadership, which until this Monday, almost two months later, was unaware of the content of the text.

Pons and Gamarra were ‘bosses’ of the party

“We didn’t know about it and we don’t share it”, said Pons about the resource. But when he showed up, “three days before the congress in Seville”, he was the party’s highest organic official as president of the Organizing Committee of the conclave. And the secretary general today already occupied one of the positions of maximum responsibility, general coordinator with no one above her, after Teodoro García Egea had presented his resignation weeks before, in February.

The lawyer who signs the resource is, in addition, more than a simple lawyer of the PP. Jesús Santos, former prosecutor of the National High Court who went into private business on the salary of the PP. It was Santos who kept 12 meetings with a close friend of Bárcenasthrough the mediation of the then active judge of the National High Court Enrique López and today right hand of Isabel Díaz Ayuso for legal issues as Minister of the Presidency, Justice and Interior of the Community of Madrid.

In fact, Enrique López was the person in charge of Justice of the direction of Pablo Casado when this resource was forged, drafted and registered. And he was part of the outgoing leadership that transferred power to the new one.

But there is another link between the current, the previous and the past leadership: the current director of the Legal Department of the PP and director of its Regulatory Compliance Department (Compliance), Alberto Duran. He is, and was with Casado, the legal head of the PP. He receives his salary from the party and was already part of the staff of the organization with Mariano Rajoy as president. In fact, it was he who gave the order to destroy the famous computers of Luis Bárcenas with a hammer, as he acknowledged in court that acquitted the PP of any crime in this regard.

Durán was not only the head of the Legal Department of the PP with Casado, and now with Feijóo. In the meantime he was the legal person in charge of the XX National Congress (extraordinary) that supposed the relief between both. He was also a member of the team that took care of organizing the previous conclave, in 2018.

The PP leadership has refused to explain if it intends to dispense with the lawyer. It has also refused to say whether they will ask Enrique López or the members of the outgoing leadership for any kind of explanation, including today’s number two of Feijoo.

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