Thursday, September 29

Feijóo’s slip: he confuses the word ‘galerna’ with ‘caverna’ and gives an incomprehensible speech

The president of the PP, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, warned this Wednesday of a “constant anomaly” in the Government of Spain and that of “investing almost all of their time in opposing”: “They oppose the opposition and they oppose among the members of the Government”, for which reason the question has then been asked “who governs Spain”.

During his speech at the Board of Directors of the PP in Malaga, held this Wednesday in the municipality of Alhaurín el Grande, the leader of the ‘popular’ party stated that this political course “is even more decisive for the Spaniards” because “we know that this The Government is not capable of dealing with the difficult situation that the country is going through”, and in just 48 hours of the political start in Spain “we have already seen it”.

But beyond his speech, there are those who have realized a lapse that the popular leader has had when trying to make a comparison between governing and sailing. “Going out to sea when there are no waves and the wind is calm is easy, but to govern in a cave you need a different crew and captain than to sail in calm seas,” he said. The Galician has changed the word “galerna” (a stormy storm with gusts of cold wind) for “caverna” (a deep cavity between the rocks).

Among those who have realized the error is the socialist mayor of Valladolid, Oscar Puente, who has shared the moment on his Twitter account. “I want to believe that he meant ”Galerna“, because in a cave it is not that it is difficult, it is that it is impossible to navigate. If you confuse Galerna with a cave being a Galego, that has no forgiveness from God and is more ignorant than it seems, ”he has sentenced.

The journalist Ramón Lobo has also shared the cut. “Although it is a slip, it may also be a warning that he will rule from the cave, and not Plato’s,” he has written.

The journalist Máximo Pradera has also joined the comments on Twitter: “It’s a failure, right? He wanted to say ”galerna“ and his own thing escaped him: ‘cavern’ ”.

It is not the first time that Feijóo has made a lapse in his speech. A few months ago he located the Costa Dorada, located in Tarragona, in Valencian lands. “Thank you very much, for me it is an honor to start this itinerary on the Costa Dorada, which is not going to be easy,” he said together with the president of the PP of the Valencian Community, Carlos Mazón, at the ceremony held in the Museum’s auditorium Valencian of the Enlightenment and Modernity (Muvim).