Monday, November 29

Feletti incorporates the social economy in the discussion about prices

The official remarked that yesterday he met with the national coordinator of the Union of Land Workers (UTT) and president of the Central Market of Buenos Aires, Nahuel Levaggi, and referents of the Argentine Agrifood Table.

The meeting, which was also attended by the Undersecretary of Actions for the Defense of Consumers, Debora Giorgi; and the Undersecretary of Policies for the Internal Market, Antonio Mezmezia, was carried out in the Wholesale Market of Cooperative Products of the UTT in the Buenos Aires town of Avellaneda.

“It’s a food mall that offers products made by workers of the social economy “Feletti stressed, for his part, who pointed out that “from the Ministry of Internal Trade we are committed to working in that direction together with all the players in the sector “.

For its part, Levaggi He maintained that “from the first day of government, the El Otro Campo organizations tell you that here there is an ally to solve structural problems in Argentina, since we can guarantee healthy food at fair prices at all Argentine tables. “

“We are very satisfied with the meeting with Feletti and Commerce officials“added the head of the Central Market.

Meanwhile, the president of the Federation of Federated Cooperatives (FeCoFe), Juan Manuel Rossi, noted that “the meeting was very important because the Argentine Agrifood Table is recognized as a valid actor, representing cooperatives, small and medium producers, farmers, the family farmer “.

At the meeting, they discussed the need to access credit for working capital, strengthen the State Comprehensive Plan and establish a slaughterhouse registration for recovered local slaughterhouses.

He also signed up for the possibility of generating a supply alternative from the cooperative movement and the organizations of our sector.

“We are engaged in a work table to be able to advance in public policies that enhance and strengthen these cooperative experiences to give it scale throughout the national territory. We are convinced that the Argentine Agri-Food Board can lead this process, “he said. Diego Montón, national benchmark of the Indigenous Peasant National Movement-Somos Tierra (MNCI-ST).

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