Tuesday, October 4

Felipe González defends Griñán after the ruling of the ERE: “I would appoint him minister again”

The former Prime Minister Felipe González acknowledges having received with “perplexity and pain” the decision of the Supreme Court ruling that condemns the socialist José Antonio Griñán to prison terms for the ERE case and comes out in defense of his “irreproachable moral integrity ”, which is why he assures that if he had the opportunity to appoint him as a member of a government that he presided over, he would do so again.

In a statement collected by Europa Press, the former president thus comes out in defense of Griñán, who was part of his Government as Minister of Health between 1992 and 1993 and later as head of the Labor and Social Security portfolio between 1993 and 1996.

“I want to state that if I could designate him today to be part of a Government of Spain that I presided over, *I would do it again,” González guarantees, alluding to the “competence and intellectual capacity” of the one who later became president of the Andalusian Government.

In the statement, it also highlights Griñán’s “vocation for public service” with the aim of “improving the lives of the majority and promoting coexistence in democracy and freedom”, in addition to his “impeccable moral integrity”.