Tuesday, February 27

Felipe González reprimands Feijóo for breaking the negotiation of the Judicial Power: “He has the right to change a law, but not to break it”

The hangover due to the breakdown of the negotiations for the renewal of the Judiciary has crept into the act of nostalgia that the PSOE has prepared for Felipe González to commemorate the 1982 victory in Seville. It was the former president himself who was the first to stealthily bring up the issue and later Pedro Sánchez who has harshly attacked Alberto Núñez Feijóo. After the head of the opposition assured that he would agree “with another PSOE”, the former leader of the PSOE that Feijóo claims has reprimanded him for his attitude.

Feijóo is no longer “Don Alberto” for the media right

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González is one of those who often sends encrypted messages and this Saturday he did so by scolding the opposition leader without expressly citing him, but the message is clear: “If someone does not like a law, they have the right to change it, who has no right is to breach it.” What he is referring to is the excuse that the PP has sought to blow up the talks that began a little over two weeks ago to renew the General Council of the Judiciary (CGPJ) after four years of blockade: the Government’s intention to reform crime of sedition.

“It’s easy to understand: first you comply with it and then you propose that it be changed, but first I don’t skip it or condition it to I don’t know what else. That does not serve to stabilize democracy, ”said the former socialist leader before some 4,000 attendees.

“What identifies us as a country that complies and must comply with the Constitution and the legal system is the package of citizenship rights and obligations for all equally and justice for all equally”, González stated in the act with which the PSOE has paid tribute to him for his comfortable absolute majority 40 years ago.

A PSOE still knocked out by the blowing up, once again, of the bridges with the PP is now analyzing whether it has to move to get out of the blockade. But for now what the Socialists want is to make it clear that it was Feijóo who has backed down. After weeks lowering the tone so as not to blow up the talks, the PSOE has raised the decibels again.

Sánchez’s words have sounded like revival, because he has been demanding the main opposition party for four years to comply with the Constitution and he has done it again this Saturday. “The Spanish Constitution must be complied with from start to finish, from the first to the last of its articles, every day of the year, whether you are in government or in opposition”, he has said, paraphrasing himself. “That political parties shamelessly fail to comply with the Constitution is the defeat of moderation and the triumph of extremism, because it deteriorates our democracy and coexistence. It is not our case. The defense and full compliance with the Constitution is our obligation and also our choice”, the President of the Government has expressed.

In Moncloa they are convinced that Feijóo’s movement shows that he does not recognize the Government as legitimate. And so Sánchez has slipped it. “It is evident that there are political rivals, but not enemies. We recognize the result in victory and defeat, but we always abide by the rules. And we comply with the Constitution to the letter. If the interests of the State are at stake, we close ranks with the Constitution”, he has said with the support for the application of 155 in Catalonia in the retina.

“The PSOE is a project for change, a party free from any pressure group, however powerful it may be. And those powers and those interests, which as we have seen these days have trapped other parties, we tell them that the PSOE is an autonomous project and will only defend the social majority of Spain, never a minority, as happened in the past”, Sánchez has said, who has taken the opportunity to raise the flag of the tax on electricity companies and banks after knowing the bulky benefits he has had.

Again without expressly citing him, González had applauded the government’s economic policy by assuring that “everyone has to put their hands in or everyone’s shoulders and we have to call for everyone to make an effort.” “You have to redistribute. Asking for more from those who have more economic power”, has sentenced the former president, who has, yes, given duties to the Minister of Finance, María Jesús Montero: “It is necessary to review taxation from top to bottom”. “We have to know that the redistribution of income continues to be unfair and generates inequality,” said the former president, who has referred to direct redistribution, to the indirect fiscal route and has referred to “pre-redistribution” to protect those who do not they come from a “family with a network of opportunities”.

“Let’s not forget that inflation is the worst of taxes for the humble. We must do everything possible to overcome this”, warned González, to whom Pedro Sánchez replied, recalling that more than three points of GDP have been invested in measures to overcome the crisis left by the war in Ukraine.