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Félix Barrio, new director of the National Cybersecurity Institute

The Secretary of State for Digitization and Artificial Intelligence, dependent on the Ministry of Economic Affairs, has made several changes this Wednesday in the public bodies that depend on it. The first has been the appointment of Félix Antonio Barrio as the new general director of the National Cybersecurity Institute (Incibe). This is responsible for supporting the computer security of citizens, SMEs and companies and together with the National Cryptologic Center, dependent on the CNI and which protects the systems of public administrations, is one of the benchmark organizations in Spanish cybersecurity.

The Cryptologic Center, the opaque but “capable” agency in charge of the Government’s cybersecurity

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Barrio has held different positions at Incibe in the last 15 years, of which he was currently deputy director of Cybersecurity for Society and Business. He is a Software and Systems engineer and has several specializations in cybersecurity and information technology management. He has also been a member of the board of directors of the European Cyber ​​Security Organizationthe organization in charge of coordinating European countries on cybersecurity.

The second movement has been the passage of Rosa Díaz, general director of Incibe since 2019, to the head of the National Observatory of Telecommunications and Information Society (ONTSI). Until now, Díaz had had a profile closely associated with cybersecurity, holding positions of different responsibilities in companies in this field such as Sage, Santander Elavon and Panda Security, of which she was CEO.

The center that Díaz will now direct, however, is specialized in writing reports on the technological impact in different areas of society, such as the economy, employment, public services or equality. Díaz “belongs to different groups that aim to give visibility to women in leadership positions within the world of technology sectors and specifically in the cybersecurity sector,” the ONTSI recalled in a statement.

The last director of the ONTSI had been Lucía Velasco, who left the post at the end of May by personal decision, according to sources close to the organization, who have not officially explained her departure. Velasco was director of the cabinet of Carme Artigas, secretary of Digitization and Artificial Intelligence, and has recently written a book on the automation of employment entitled Is an algorithm going to replace you?

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