Monday, November 29

Female voices stand out in a meeting of singers

Five ladies representing three provinces participated in the First Encounter of Tamborito Singers which was developed as part of the V Craft Festival that organized the culture Ministry (MiCultura).

In the meeting of singers that took place a few days after Bicentennial of the Independence of Panama from Spain they participated Mayelis Martínez(Coclé); Natyarie Anderson (Panama / San Miguelito); Sonia Zambrano, Nadiel Ruíz and Karol Vergara by the province of Los Santos.

The participation of the singers was an expression of Panamanianism and folkloric traditions that made the observers who gathered at the Convent of the Conception in the Archaeological Site of Panama Viejo, site where the meeting of singers was held.

This activity was complemented by V Craft Festival, where participation of 20 artisans from different specialized in making objects, textile works, jewelery, goldsmithing, recycled material among others, as well as consumer crafts.

The festival also included folkloric presentations, pictorial exhibitions, cartoon making, handicraft sales, costume jewelery, typical foods, among other curiosities of our artisans.

Raúl Wilson, Regional Director of San Miguelito stated that this first experiment seeks to open the way to soon organize a National Meeting of Cantalantes as a way to encourage and promote this musical genre.

The Mosaics of my Land Children’s Set (Génaro Espinosa), the Folkloric Ballet Pride and Splendor from the teacher Elia from Asprilla delighted the public with their cultural presentations that closed with Raúl Aparicio and its set Rising Sun who had the singer as a guest Yamy Saldaña.

In addition to the varied program offered by MiCultura, attendees enjoyed the open house, with free admission for nationals and residents where they can tour the site and visit the ruins as well as getting to know the interactive museum that the place has, thanks to the support of Panama Viejo Board of Trustees.

The activity was organized by the National Crafts and Regional Directorates of San Miguelito from MiCultura, as part of the strategies for the economic reactivation of the country’s artisan sector.

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