Thursday, December 8

Feminism demands in the street the shielding of the right to abortion: “It may be threatened”

To the cry of ‘Free abortion, we decide’, the demonstration for the celebration of the ‘Global Day of Action for access to legal and safe abortion’, also known as the ‘Day for the Decriminalization and Legalization of Abortion’.

The tour, which began after seven in the afternoon, has brought together women and men of all ages who support free and safe abortion, effective sex education and contraceptives to prevent pregnancy. The walk began at the Glorieta de Ruiz Jiménez, will pass by the Ministry of Justice and will end in the central Plaza de Callao.

“Out with the rosaries from our ovaries”, “The street and the night are also ours” and “We want to abort in public”, are some of the phrases that resonate in the demonstration. Posters adorn it with messages such as: “My body, my decision, right to abortion” and “My belly is mine and I decide.” “I decided to have one and not have the other,” says Inés Monrroy, 69, one of the participants. “I am in favor of when you can and what you can. They cannot force you to have a child”, she sentences.

The spokeswoman for Más Madrid in the Assembly, Mónica García, has participated in the mobilization and has pointed out that Spain has majorities “that are going to ensure” that the right to abortion is expanded, despite the fact that “it is true that there are political actors right-wing leaders who are trying to take us back from everything we have achieved in terms of women’s rights and freedoms”. In this sense, she has asked the president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, that she “instead of being aligned with Mrs. Meloni, she be aligned with the 21st century.”

Among the demands, the shielding of the right to abortion against possible steps backwards: “We have to continue claiming our right to abortion because it is not full and may be threatened by the triumph of the extreme right” if it also “ends up splashing this country”, has affirmed shortly before the beginning Gema Candela, one of the spokespersons of the Commission for the Right to Abortion of Madrid.

The groups value positively the draft law presented by the Ministry of Equality under the responsibility of Irene Montero and which is already being processed by Congress, which proposes reforming the current Law on abortion incorporating the elimination of the three-day reflection period together with the delivery of an information envelope and that minors under 16 and 17 years of age once again exercise their right to an abortion without authorization.

However, she considers that rights are lacking and should be incorporated as part of the feminist struggle. In the manifesto that summarizes her demands, of ten points, is the elimination of abortion from the Penal Code; that Public Health carry out voluntary interruptions of pregnancy without bureaucracy or waiting times and the guarantees to exercise the right to decide for all women, regardless of their administrative situation or immigration status.

It also requires the training of health personnel in voluntary interruptions of pregnancy and its incorporation as a curricular subject, always considering a “feminist, decolonial and secular perspective”; guarantees for access to abortion despite conscientious objection; an independent medical committee from the 22nd week of pregnancy and comprehensive sexual affective education in the curriculum of all educational stages in public and concerted centers.

In addition, the celebrations for the victory of “our sisters” in Colombia stand out —where abortion was decriminalized up to 24 weeks of gestation in February of this year— and in Mexico, which did the same in a historic decision in September 2021 But he also denounces “the setbacks” of Hungary – which forces women to listen to the heartbeat of the fetus before abortion – or the United States, where the Supreme Court reversed the ruling that guaranteed this right.