Thursday, September 16

Fernández Vara will present his candidacy on Wednesday to continue as leader of the PSOE of Extremadura

The leader of the Extremadura Socialists, Guillermo Fernández Vara, will present his candidacy for the General Secretariat of the PSOE of Extremadura this next Wednesday, September 1, which will hold its congress from October 22 to 24, a week after the Federal Congress of the party , and in November the provincial socialist congresses will take place.

“We are the party of reference in this country and when we leave the congress an important part of the future of Spain is being debated,” added Fernández Vara during a press conference offered this Monday in Mérida together with the Government spokesperson and Minister of Politics Territorial, Isabel Rodríguez.

The term to present pre-candidacies to the General Secretariat of the PSOE of Extremadura in its XIII Congress opens on September 1 and will end on the 15th, and those who opt for it must present at least 176 endorsements.

If there was only one pre-candidacy, it would be proclaimed directly the winner, and if there were two or more, a primary process would be opened (October 2).

Living with covid

The PSOE Extremadura has thus started the new political course, where the health situation has also taken place. The president of the Junta de Extremadura has considered that society “would have to get used to living with covid-19 from the most absolute normality, internalizing personal, family and work behaviors” for “a long time”, but “without modifying our system of life”.

“I am of the opinion that we should get used to living with covid-19 from the most absolute normality. Getting used to living with it means internalizing personal, family and work behaviors for a long time, but without modifying our way of life,” he said. exposed.

Asked about the methodology of the alert system, known as the COVID traffic light, Fernández Vara has been in favor of reviewing it when herd immunity is reached.

In spring, with 10% of the population vaccinated, “we gave ourselves a methodology and that leads us to adopt a series of measures.” “With herd immunity, the methodology will have to be reviewed, but until then it is necessary to continue applying” the existing one, he added.

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