Sunday, September 19

Fernando Aramburu: diary of a suicide

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After the national and international success of “Patria”, we spoke with Fernando Aramburu about his new novel “Los vencejos”: A story that flits between loneliness, friendship, love, sex, politics or death.

The life of Toni, a middle-aged teacher who has decided to commit suicide, is the trigger to address issues such as masculinity, feminism or dialogue between generations.

And later, we premiered the section “Do not manipulate feminism” with the journalist and researcher specialized in communication and gender, Ana Bernal Triviño what he brings a whole arsenal of feminist theory and practice to defend against sexist attack. We reviewed the data on sexist violence in recent months and spoke with Sonia Vaccaro, clinical psychologist specialized in criminology and author of the concept of vicarious violence and with Carlota Corredera, presenter of the documentary “Rocío, tell the truth to stay alive.”

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