Friday, December 3

Fernando Recalde is the new CEO of Puente

“I am very excited to join an entity with the recognition and trajectory of Puente. The growth project that we plan for the next five years is very challenging, but we have professionals with the experience, knowledge and commitment necessary to achieve it ”, highlighted Fernando Recalde.

Federico Tomasevich, main shareholder, who was CEO and Chairman of the Board of Puente Holding UK, said: “I am very satisfied with the evolution that Puente has had in the last 10 years thanks to the team of leaders and professionals of excellence that we have. To date, we manage more than US $ 2,500 million in assets under administration in Property Management, we operate more than US $ 15,000 million in Institutional Trading and in the last five years we have structured financing in the Capital Market for more than US $ 5,000 million in more than 400 transactions “.

“We have great expansion plans in Latin America and the United States for the next five years. With the appointment of Fernando as CEO of the Group, I am going to dedicate myself – from the President of the Group and together with the rest of the Board – to the strategic direction of BRIDGE, ”said Tomasevich.