Tuesday, February 27

Ferrari shows revealing image of the Purosangue | Digital Trends Spanish

It seems incredible, after years of rumors, denials and confirmations we finally see an official image of the Ferrari Purosanguethe vehicle that will become the first SUV of the historic Italian manufacturer, which in this way follows in the footsteps of its archrival Lamborghini that launched its own SUV truck, the Urus, in 2018.

A very shadowy intriguing image appeared this Wednesday on Ferrari’s social networks, showing the front of the Purosangue, which looks clearly influenced by the same design language inaugurated in Rome when it was revealed in 2020 with smooth and affable lines, with the Headlamps divided horizontally by the upper edge of the grille showing the “prancing horse” in its central part and the rectangular yellow Ferrari emblem on the body just above the horse.

So far Ferrari has done an excellent job of keeping the Purosangue top secret. Spy photographers have been able to capture the occasional image and video but nothing particularly revealing, while the details of its powertrain remain the subject of speculation as Ferrari has achieved total secrecy around it, which has only increased the conversation about this long-awaited SUV. The most recent rumors point to a V12 engine, and a V6 hybrid version similar to the current 296 GTB.

By modifying the light levels of the image, we can see the Purosangue more clearly, we can even clearly see the contours of its windshield and the butts of its rear-view mirrors, but there is no special detail that shows more than what can be seen. infer from the darkened image.

The caption accompanying the Ferrari Facebook intrigue image post reads: “You’ve heard the rumours… and we’re delighted to confirm that they’re true (some of them). Everything will be revealed at the end of this year.” The best we can say is that there is much less time than we have already expected to meet the Ferrari Purosangue.

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