Thursday, December 9

FGV promotes an event on the profile of cryptocurrency investors

The Getúlio Vargas Foundation (FGV), through its economics school, will present the results of a study on cryptocurrency investors.

The event will be free for participants and will talk to two experts on the subject of cryptocurrencies in Brazil, who follow this innovative market in world finance.

It is important to remember that the subject of cryptocurrencies dominates the Brazilian news, especially in 2021, the year in which Bitcoin registered its biggest high in history and attracted new investors. According to an auditor from the Federal Revenue of Brazil, for example, the monthly volume of declarations at the autarchy has doubled in the last year.

FGV will present a free event on the profile of cryptocurrency investors

With the theme “Brazilian cryptocurrency investors: profile, characteristics, risks and opportunities“, on November 4th, FGV presents a free event for those interested in learning about the subject.

This event will be held by the São Paulo School of Economics of Fundação Getulio Vargas (FGV EESP), at 6 pm. To participate in the event, interested parties must register through the event website.

The speakers are Jéfferson Colombo, coordinator of FGV at the University Blockchain Research Initiative (UBRI) and João Marco Braga da Cunha, portfolio manager at Hashdex.

This event will be to present and discuss the results of a research project developed between the institution and the company that operates in the cryptocurrency sector. The survey, carried out between February and March 2021, seeks to understand who they are and how Brazilian cryptocurrency investors think.

In this specific webinar, the results of the first application of the questionnaire will be analyzed, with the participation of 576 cryptocurrency investors in Brazil.

“Aspects will be addressed such as the average profile of respondents, degree of knowledge about cryptocurrencies, propensity to invest unexpected income in cryptocurrencies and investment alternatives, and perception of risks and opportunities regarding this emerging asset class.”

The market study can present important data about the sample used, in a year that Bitcoin registered a great appreciation and attracted new investors to the market. In addition, several bills on the subject of cryptocurrencies were presented, at the federal and state levels, indicating that the matter remains in the sights of the authorities.

Another important point was the increase in scams associated with the cryptocurrency market, such as financial pyramids, for example, which increases the risk for novice investors.

This is another event promoted by FGV in partnership with Hashdex, as the institution promotes a data challenge on Bitcoin next Friday (29).