Wednesday, May 18

FIFA 22 is updated to include the South American Cups | Digital Trends Spanish

EA Sports released a new patch for one of its most popular titles, FIFA 22. This is the ninth update that this game receives and includes the Copa Libertadores and the Copa Sudamericana, whose final groups were formed two weeks ago.

The update is already available on PC, while the studio promises that the patch will arrive in the “next few days” on other consoles such as PlayStation 4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

In a statement, EA announced the main changes for the continent’s tournaments:

  • The groups were updated with those classified for Conmebol Libertadores both in Career Mode and in Tournaments.
  • Updated competition structures for Conmebol, Libertadores and Sudamericana in Career Mode.
  • The clubs that qualified from the group stage of Conmebol Libertadores and Conmebol Sudamericana 2022 were added, as well as the player lists of the existing clubs.

This update also confirms the removal of clubs and stadiums from Russia, which had already been announced at the beginning of March. Now, this also spills over into Career Mode, one of the most beloved by FIFA players.

“The Russian national team and clubs of that nationality will not be available in any competition when we start a new game. In this way, users will not be able to receive any contract offer from these institutions”, says the company.

Thus, if a person had chosen the squads of the Russian national team or their teams, now they will be automatically changed by those of PSG of France.

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