Wednesday, December 7

FIFA 23 Qatar 2022 World Cup Mode Filtered | Digital Trends Spanish

An accidental leak made EA in FIFA 23releasing for PS5 users the mode World Cup Qatar 2022showing screenshots on social networks.

Owners of FIFA 23 on PlayStation 5 have posted screenshots of the mode on social media, showing four different submodes: FIFA World Cup Live, FIFA World Cup Kick-Off, Online Tournament, and FIFA World Cup 2022.

Players have also reported that 48 teams will be available to play in the mode, which is higher than the 32 teams that qualified in the actual World Cup.

🚨 EA have accidentally released the World Cup mode early on Playstation ✅#FIFA23

— FIFA 23 News (@FUT23News) October 12, 2022

It should be remembered that FIFA 23 will also be the last soccer game made by EA to be officially licensed by FIFA, after the publisher decided to withdraw from the long-term brand agreement with the sports governing body.

This is how you can see it yourself if on PS5. Also sorry about shaking I have a condition

— Tommy 𝓝𝓒𝓒 (@NarbChessClub) October 12, 2022

It is expected that on the eve of the World Cup in Qatar 2022 or possibly during development, the free update patch for the World Cup will finally be delivered.

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