Wednesday, November 30

FIFA prevents Denmark from wearing a shirt with the slogan “Human rights for all” during the World Cup in Qatar

The International Football Federation has finally decided that the Danish national team will not be able to attend training for the World Cup in Qatar wearing a shirt bearing the slogan “Human rights for all”. FIFA, the French newspaper Le Parisien has reported, alleges that its regulations prohibit teams from displaying any kind of political slogan on their uniforms.

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According to FIFA rules, players, referees and other national team workers “are prohibited from displaying messages or slogans of a political, religious or personal nature in any language or in any form on their clothing, equipment (bags, containers for beverages, medical bags, etc.) or your body.”

The Danish team had already announced last September that its main sponsor and sportswear manufacturer, Hummel, would remove its logo from the different kits in protest at the working conditions in which thousands of people have worked in the construction of the stadiums. .

“We want to send a message of protest against Qatar and its history of human rights violations,” the brand then alleged on its social networks, which chose black for the third kit and as a sign of mourning for the 6,500 migrants who are estimated to have died. in the works, according to an investigation by The Guardian. “We defend Denmark, but this cannot be confused with supporting a tournament that has cost thousands of human lives. We want to leave a message against a country that does not respect human rights or the migrant workers who have built the stadiums for the competition”.

The World Cup in Qatar has aroused enormous criticism not only among the general public but also among various soccer players, both for the treatment of workers and for the lack of progress in terms of human rights in the country, as well as for its legislation. homophobic This Friday, the coach of the Spanish soccer team, Luis Enrique, has rejected that playing in Qatar is a problem for him: “I hope the quality of life of all people can be improved in the world, but that is not my job” .

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