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FIFA prohibits the sale of beer in the vicinity of the World Cup stadiums in Qatar

FIFA has announced, two days before the start of the World Cup in Qatar, that the sale of beer in the vicinity of the stadiums will be prohibited. “Following discussions between the authorities of the host country and FIFA, the decision has been made to concentrate the sale of alcoholic beverages at the FIFA Fan Festival, other fan meeting points and licensed venues, eliminating beer outlets. of the perimeters of the stadiums ”, the organization confirmed this Friday. The sale of non-alcoholic beer will be available in all stadiums.

What fans and players can and cannot do at the World Cup in Qatar

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This same Friday, the British newspaper The Times reported that the Qatari authorities were pressuring the world soccer governing body to completely ban the sale of beer in the eight stadiums where the tournament is held, something that has finally been limited .

Qatar, questioned for its systematic violation of human rights, is a conservative Muslim nation where the sale of alcohol is strictly controlled. The country determination will also complicate FIFA’s $75 million sponsorship deal with Budweiser. In the FIFA statement, the tournament organizers “thank the understanding and continued support” of AB InBev (the Belgian multinational that owns Budweiser) for the “joint commitment to serve everyone during the World Cup.” The company posted (and deleted) a tweet shortly before the news broke with a “Well this is weird…”.

The corruption of FIFA, organizer of the tournament, and the thousands of deaths of workers exploited in the construction of the stadiums have stained the World Cup in Qatar before the ball starts rolling in an absolutist monarchy governed by the ‘sharia’, Islamic law that discriminates against women, penalizes homosexuals and maintains the death penalty.

“Everyone is welcome, as long as they respect our culture,” the Supreme Committee of Qatar recently said. Aware of the conservative nature of the country, several nations -such as United Kingdom– have drawn up conduct guides for fans and players who are going to watch the World Cup and prevent their citizens from having problems with the local authorities. Thus, you will not be able to drink alcohol in public and it is not allowed to bring bottles into the country.

In addition, Qatar has a “zero tolerance” policy against drugs. Penalties for drug possession, use, or trafficking can lead to deportation, large fines, and jail terms.

Fans or players, both male and female, must dress in a manner that is considered “demure”. “Generally people can wear whatever clothes they want. Shoulders and knees must be covered to visit public places such as museums and other government buildings. The swimwear is normally used on the beaches and hotel pools”, says the official website of the tournament. In the event that someone breaks this rule, they may be denied entry. “Visitors can wear traditional Qatari clothing if they wish,” the website says.

Same-sex relationships are prohibited in Qatar. Khalid Salman, ambassador for the World Cup, has recently pointed out that homosexuality is “a damage to the mind.”

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