Wednesday, January 26

Figures of ransomware attacks skyrocket in Mexico

Key facts:
  • Luis Corrons, an antivirus specialist, believes that ransomware attacks will increase in 2022.

  • Corrons warns of a new form of cyber attacks through audio.

During the pandemic, hackers increased the number of cyber attacks. In Mexico, attacks by ransomware increased by 127% in the first 5 months of 2021, compared to the last 5 months of 2020. This is shown by a study by Avast Software

According to Luis Corrons, security evangelist for Avast Software, attacks from ransomware they will continue to grow, not only in that nation, but worldwide.

These types of attacks are based on the hijacking of information from the victim directly on their device. In order for it to regain access to your data, hackers demand to cancel a certain amount, usually in bitcoins (BTC) or monero (XMR), under the promise that, once the payment is made, the attacker will release the data.

“At a global level we compared the first months of 2021 with the second part of 2020 to see how it was evolving and we saw that there was an increase of 38%,” said the specialist in a interview to Forbes magazine.

Luis Corrons, an antivirus specialist, said that ransomware attacks will grow in 2022.

According to Corrons, that increase will be driven by the increased use of cryptocurrencies. It suggests that by 2022 malware that will target computers to steal bitcoin and ether (ETH), Ethereum’s native currency, will grow.

Borderless attacks to steal bitcoin

Corrons also stated that both bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are sought through “no geographic limit” ransomware attacks, thus recommending the use of hardware wallets. These are physical devices that house the private key of the associated offline accounts, allowing transactions to be signed without exposing the seed or private key.

In addition to Mexico, countries like the United States or Spain, they have also been victims of attacks ransomware. In fact, the US government established measures, about four months ago, to sanction people and companies that pay ransoms in cryptocurrencies arising from these types of attacks.

Cyber ​​attacks with fake audios

Corrons, who has been working in the security industry for more than 20 years, specifically in the field of antivirus, in addition to explaining the subject of ransomware attacks, also warned about the novelty in cyberattacks that are carried out through fake audios .

This method works using the voice of real people to impersonate them and thus specify the scams.

At this time that we are where many of us continue to work from home and audio is used more in face-to-face conversations, we believe that these types of scams are going to increase.

Luis Corrons, computer security specialist.

However, he notes that this modality will not be used massively, Rather, it will be more aimed at companies “where you can try to deceive an employee or an accountant of the company, posing as a CEO to convince him to make a money transfer,” he added.

Corrons concludes with a security tip: According to him, the best way to take care of funds is by keeping applications and programs up-to-date, with two-factor activation, and continually changing passwords.