Friday, May 27

Filed Sandra Ortega’s complaint against her former manager for “lack of evidence of criminality”

The Court Number 2 of Instruction of A Coruña has filed the complaint filed by Sandra Ortega against her former manager, José Leyte, for forgery of signature. In an order issued late this Friday morning, the investigator of the case dismissed the investigation “due to lack of evidence of criminality.” The news advanced The voice of Galicia and sources from the Superior Court of Justice of Galicia have confirmed it to

Sandra Ortega, the eldest daughter of Amancio Ortega, owner of 5% of Inditex and the fourth richest person in Spain, had denounced Leyte for having falsified her signature and thus benefited Room Mate, Kike Sarasola’s hotel company. This firm has been in losses for more than ten years and, according to Ortega’s accusation, would have received more than 130 million euros in fraudulent loans from banks.

The order communicated this Friday to the parties does not show evidence of falsification of Ortega’s signature in sponsorship letters -conformity letter- addressed to financial entities to finance Sarasola’s company.

The lawsuit against Leyte had given rise to a series of cross-accusations. Only two weeks ago, the Court of A Coruña dismissed a petition presented by four banks in which they requested to investigate a plot of failed loans in favor of Room Mate and Kike Sarasola. The entities that failed in their attempt to implicate Ortega were Abanca, Deutche Bank, Bankinter and Banca March.

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