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Film director Denis Villeneuve gives his opinion on Marvel | Digital Trends Spanish

In 2019, the acclaimed director of films such as The Irishman, casino and Taxi Driver, Martin Scorsese, said that the Marvel movies “they are not cinema”And that for him they were like an“ amusement park ”.

Now, Denis Villeneuve, director of Blade Runner 2049, Arrival and the new adaptation of Dune, He has joined the trend and has expressed his opinion on Marvel with a tone similar to that of Martin Scorsese.

In a recent interview with The worldAs part of a tour to promote the new film, Villeneuve said that “perhaps the problem is that we are in front of too many Marvel films that are nothing more than a cut and paste of others.”

But that’s not all, later, the director added: “Maybe these kinds of movies have turned us a bit into zombies … But big and expensive movies of great value there are a lot of them today.”

It is worth mentioning that Villeneuve’s sayings are a response to what the interviewer asked him, who made a direct reference to Scorsese.

On the other hand, Villeneuve was also told that wanting large productions to want to raise awareness against capitalism is somewhat contradictory, due to the high budgets allocated to them.

Still, the director said he considers big-budget movies to remain artistically relevant.

“Just think back to the golden age of Hollywood to see how those commercial movies could make a different artistic and political proposition. I have never felt like a loss or an impediment to have a generous budget to do what I have wanted to do. On the contrary, ”said Villeneuve.

“Who said a big budget movie can’t be artistically relevant at the same time? I’m thinking of people like Christopher Nolan or Alfonso Cuarón ”, added the director.

Dune is the new adaptation of Frank Herbert’s 1961 novel of the same name, which, in fact, had a large budget for its development. It is scheduled to premiere on October 22 of this year in the United States.

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