Tuesday, October 19

Film director Mario Camus dies at 86

The film director Mario Camus has died at the age of 86 in Santander, according to family sources have informed Efe. The Cantabrian filmmaker and screenwriter directed, among other films, ‘La colmena’ and ‘Los santos inocentes’. In 1985, he received the National Film Award and in 2011 the Film Academy awarded him the Goya of honor.

In his filmography there are about thirty titles, among which are ‘La colmena’, ‘Los santos inocentes’ and ‘La casa de Bernarda Alba’, among others. ‘Shadows in a battle’ earned him the Goya for best original screenplay in 1994. His last film was ‘The meadow of the stars’, which he directed in 2007.

On television, Camus has been the director and scriptwriter of a dozen series. All of them prior to 1990, such as ‘Curro Jiménez’ (1976) or ‘Fortunata y Jacinta’ (1980).

Camus began his career in literature, with a prize for a short novel, which he left because “the writers did not win anything,” he explained in a talk in 2018. Trained at the Institute for Cinematographic Research and Experiences, at the end of his degree he indicated that he was lucky because he was “incognito”: “Everyone thought he was a writer and I stormed Madrid underhandedly, without anyone noticing”.

The filmmaker defined cinema as “a profession where you have to join forces and where there are so many different crafts that range from hairdressing to special effects”. Throughout his career, he admitted that his only “dependence” had been on money and stated that the director is not a job for the vain: “If you are a morning singer or a vain man, go to another profession.”