Tuesday, March 28

Film director Roberto Pérez Toledo dies at the age of 43

The Canarian film director Roberto Pérez Toledo has died this Monday at the age of 43 in Madrid, as confirmed by the Film Academy in a statement issued in his web page. The author of films such as ‘6 points on Emma’ or ‘Like foam’, has died coinciding with the performance these days of his first play, Basic manual of sign language to break hearts and with the pending premiere of another feature film: Places we’ve never been.

The filmmaker, born on April 3, 1978, had congenital spinal atrophy, which was diagnosed at the age of 14 and has left him in a wheelchair ever since, just as they count in the World. That did not prevent him from developing a career as a director that began in 1999, with his first short film: out to sea. After this came a series of short films, such as rollover (2005) or The Screamers (2010), which were precisely going to be screened this Monday at the meeting organized by the Academy.

His first feature film was Six points on Emma (2011), a comedy where Verónica Echegui plays a blind woman determined to be a mother despite the fact that her boyfriend cannot get her pregnant. The play won the Best Screenplay and Best Actress awards at the Malaga Film Festival.

In 2017 he premiered like foam, his third solo film. In addition, Roberto Pérez has been the director and screenwriter of more than 40 short films. He recently created and directed gifted love, the first Spanish fiction series for Facebook Watch, and shot the feature film Places we’ve never been.