Monday, September 20

Film leak of a Colombian paramilitary during a medical transfer




The former paramilitary chief Edgar Ariel Trujillo, who was being held in the Montería Medium Security Penitentiary and Prison, was referred to a clinic by order of the prison doctor and it was at that moment that he was rescued by six armed men.

While in the clinic premises while undergoing a medical check-up and guarded by two security agents, six hooded men and armed men have stormed the place and, after beating those in charge of the custody of Trujillo, they have taken him out of the building and have escaped with four motorcycles that were parked at the entrance, according to Caracol Radio.

After this, the competent authorities have activated, in collaboration with the Police, a device in the municipality of Hunting and its surroundings in order to locate the former paramilitary, who has a firm conviction for the crimes of homicide, kidnapping, torture, illegal recruitment, theft and displacement and forced disappearance.

Trujillo, who is also known under the alias ‘5.7’ was one of the authors of the El Salado massacre, which occurred between February 16 and 21, 200 in Carmen de Bolívar and in which more than 60 people were murdered, according to the RCN station.

As reported by the National Penitentiary and Prison Institute (INPEC), Trujillo had been deprived of liberty since May 2015. “The rescue was perpetrated by six men who entered the clinic wearing hoods while they were awaited by other criminals in four motorcycles“INPEC explained in a press release.

This is already the second time that a leak occurs while a prisoner goes to a health center, because in October 2019 the former congresswoman Aida merlano he escaped from a dental center in the north of Bogotá.

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