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Final goodbye to BlackBerry OS: the platform that could be and was not will die in less than a week

There was a time when BlackBerry had part of the world in its hands. The same thing happened to the Canadian company as Nokia, however: he rested on his laurels and she thought that no other could surpass her. Then came the iPhone and Android, and everything changed.

Since then the BlackBerry debacle has been almost complete. The firm is still holding the type after licensing the brand to TCL, which has released some Android-based terminals. However, the last great pillar of that mythical company, BlackBerry OS will say goodbye on January 4, 2022.

Goodbye to the operating system that tried to compete with iOS and Android

BlackBery released its first version of the BlackBerry OS in 1999 for its Pager BlackBerry 850s, and would take an important step in 2002 with its version BlackBerry OS 3.6 for its first ‘smartphones’, the BlackBerry 5810 Wireless HandHeld.

The BlackBerry Z10 was the reference terminal for that “new BlackBerry” that tried to reinvent itself in early 2013 with its new BlackBerry 10 operating system.

This was the golden age of BlackBerry, which suddenly saw how the market could escape it. After the launch of the iPhone and the introduction of Android, on BlackBerry they saw the wolf’s ears and they launched BlackBerry OS 5.0 for the BlackBerry Bold 9000.

Star companies and companies that crashed in a decade about to end

That was not enough, and after several years trying to stand up to Android and iOS, at BlackBerry they decided to make one last effort with BlackBerry 10, an operating system that was launched in January 2013 and that tried to definitively adapt its mobiles to the new times.

Neither the operating system nor its terminals jelled, and BlackBerry was gradually dropping as it dropped its last bullets with the BlackBerry Priv until 2016 they advertised that stopped making smartphones and would license the brand to others like TCL, which lost those rights in February 2020.

The fall of BlackBerry has been certified not only with the gradual disappearance of terminals with that brand, but also with the goodbye to BlackBerry Messenger, which occurred in May 2019.

Old BlackBerry OS devices still worked, but will soon stop

Even so, those who still had one of the signature devices based on BlackBerry OS they could continue to use them in a limited way because basic services were still provided by the firm.

Now those responsible for BlackBerry have announced that the next January 4, 2022 products based on BlackBerry 10 or BlackBerry 7.1 OS or lower will no longer have support for calls, SMS or emergency calls.

Furthermore, they indicate that mobile data and WiFi could also malfunctionWhile basic operating system applications such as BlackBerry Link, BlackBerry Desktop Manager, BlackBerry World, BlackBerry Protect, BlackBerry Messenger, and BlackBerry Blend will have “limited functionality.”

On BlackBerry they offer a series of tips for be able to migrate data from these devices so as not to lose it. This marks the end of a platform that certainly had its golden age but has been disappearing for years.

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