Friday, November 26

Financing to the private sector grew in October, especially with businesses

Credit card operations reached $ 1,127,814, an increase of 3.4% compared to the end of September, for the third consecutive month, but with a slowdown compared to previous months; meanwhile, the interannual growth reached 41.8%.

Mortgage credit lines, including those adjustable for inflation / UVA, grew 2.7% compared to the stock of $ 256,934 million in the previous month, accumulating a total balance at the end of $ 263,777 million and an interannual increase of 23.8% in nominal terms.

The pledge credit line presented a balance of $ 204,160 million, and grew 113.1% year-on-year, which implies that it widely exceeded year-on-year inflation and ranked first in growth among loan lines; with a variation of 7.6%, and seventeen monthly increases.

In relation to commercial loans, this line increased its balance 9.1% compared to last month, reaching a stock of $ 1,237,184 million. It continued with the nominal rise since May; and 36% in relation to the same month of the previous year.

While, loans in dollars fell 4.2%, in the same negative line seen since June 2021, with an interannual decrease of 16.3%; and the stock is US $ 4,694 million (69.94% of the commercial line, which fell 14% in the year, 6.7% compared to the previous month).

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