Tuesday, September 21

Fire weekend: fire consumes thousands of hectares in different parts of Spain

The fire has consumed hundreds of hectares this weekend in different parts of Spain. In the provinces of Huelva, Albacete and Tarragona, firefighters are working to extinguish three fires that are still active. “The situation today [por el sábado] It is not normal, we have had to activate the Infocat plan in the emergency phase, which had not been done for years due to the simultaneity of the fires, two major fires in the active phase and with potential, has made us redouble our efforts and resources, “he explained the Fire Chief of the Generalitat, David Borrell on one of the regions that this weekend has been devastated by flames, but it is not the only one: we review the different active fires in our country and the state in which they are found.

Two fires in Catalonia burn more than a thousand hectares

Two fires declared on Saturday in Catalonia have already burned a thousand hectares and have forced the evacuation of almost a hundred people. The first was declared in Ventalló (Alt Empordà), has burned about 50 hectares and has been stabilized by firefighters (although it is not yet extinct). However, the second, declared in the Conca del Barberà (Tarragona), progresses uncontrollably, has burned more than 1,000 hectares and has forced the evacuation of a hundred people.

The Generalitat asked the State for help to fight this fire that started on Saturday in Santa Coloma de Queralt and which has spread to several municipalities both in the Conca del Barberà region and in the Anoia region, in Barcelona. This was explained by the Minister of the Interior, Joan Ignasi Elena, in statements to the press from the command center on Saturday night. Specifically, the mobilization of air resources and the Military Emergency Unit (UME) was requested, which on Sunday was already collaborating in the extinction tasks.

In Villarrasa (Huelva), it affects 600 hectares

The forest fire declared in the early afternoon of this Saturday in Villarrasa (Huelva) affects an area of ​​around 600 hectares, which makes it the first major fire of the season in Andalusia, exceeding 500 hectares, according to the First estimates of the Infoca Plan technicians.

This measurement is provisional and does not specify the degree of interior affection within the surface, since there may be unaffected areas, they have reported from the fire extinguishing device.

The fact of exceeding 500 hectares makes that of Villarrasa the first “great fire” of the season in the autonomous community. The fire started around 2:40 p.m. this Saturday and has affected scrub vegetation, pastures and eucalyptus trees.

In Liétor (Albacete), stabilized after burning 2,500 hectares

The Liétor fire, in the province of Albacete, is already perimeter and stabilized, after burning 2,500 hectares, and the recommendation of confinement has been lifted due to the smoke of the districts of Isso and Mingogil, belonging to the municipality of Hellín. For its part, the Tobarra fire, where 400 hectares have burned, will stabilize throughout the day.

The Minister of Sustainable Development of Castilla-La Mancha, José Luis Escudero, has traveled to the command post located in the Isso soccer field and, in statements to journalists, has explained that 70 media have worked in the Liétor fire land, 30 air and more than 450 people, in addition to the 51 members of the UME incorporated last midnight.

The districts of Isso and Mingogil, whose neighbors were asked to close their windows due to the smoke, have already been unconfined and, although some agricultural plots in Mingogil have burned, there is no regret for any injuries or any homes that have been affected.

Possible outbreaks in the Bardenas fire (Navarra)

The Navarra Fire Service maintains a surveillance checkpoint prepared to act in the event that a small fire is activated inside the burned area in Vedado de Eguaras, in the Bardenas Reales Natural Park, although they consider that it is under the risk of fire spreading outside the controlled perimeter.

However, there are unburned areas in the interior of the area affected by the flames that this week destroyed more than 80% of this enclave in which outbreaks could occur, and for this reason firefighters from three parks remain in place, which they still cannot consider the fire extinguished. As explained by the Regional Executive in a note, the objective is to prevent more vegetation from burning in an enclave of great ecological value located in the Bardenas Reales natural park.