Monday, August 8

Firefighters consider the Tarragona fire under control after burning 75 hectares

The worst forecasts have not been fulfilled in Terra Alta, where this Thursday at noon a fire broke out that quickly set off all the alarms of the Fire Department of the Generalitat. The area was concerned, very wooded, but above all the climatic conditions, when the dreaded “three thirty” were fulfilled: more than 30 degrees (in reality the thermometer was heading much higher in the affected area), less than 30% of humidity and gusts of wind above 30km / h. However, after working all night, firefighters have taken the fire under control early this Friday.

The rapid action of the fire fighting teams, which throughout the afternoon of Thursday displaced up to fifty troops between land and air, has been key so that the flames did not get more. In the episode, which began in the municipality of La Pobla de Massaluca, a border area between Catalonia and Aragon on the banks of the Ebro river, 115 Catalan firefighters and 28 Aragonese have worked, in addition to having three government hydroplanes based in Zaragoza.

As detailed by the Firefighters themselves through their networks, in the vicinity they will still maintain a small contingent with 11 water trucks, six light vehicles from the Forest Action Group (Graf) and a sanitary unit. In addition, they will have a helicopter and two planes available in case their action in the area is required.

Crews have worked through the night, first closing in on the fire, which stabilized before midnight Thursday. Then, making sure that the Matarranya river did not pass, as explained by the fire chief in the Terres de l’Ebre emergency area, Ricard ExpĆ³sito. The main objective was to keep the flanks stable, for which they have used a thermal camera on the left, he indicated.

The TV-7231 road is still cut off due to cleaning tasks due to the fire, which has not caused material or personal damage, although this Thursday it forced the evacuation of a campsite and a farm.