Wednesday, July 6

Firefighters stop the advance of the fire in Leyre while four forest fires are still active in Navarra

The firefighters of Navarra have managed to stop the dawn of this Thursday, taking advantage of more favorable weather conditions, to stop the advance of the fire that since Tuesday night has affected the slope of Mount Arangoiti, in the Sierra de Leyre, and that this Wednesday forced to vacate the iconic monastery located in the area. As reported by the Government of Navarra, early in the day the aerial means have been incorporated again to unload on the places where the flames persist while the perimeter is monitored, practically stabilized. On the other hand, the Tafalla fire that yesterday spread to the end of Larraga is considered controlled, although it is still active along with the fires in Leyre, Larraga and Olleta-Leoz.

The change in the direction of the wind late on Tuesday set off all the alarms in the fire control center, because although it moved the fire away from the Leyre Monastery, which was evacuated preventively, although the front never came closer to less Two kilometers from the building, he directed it towards Lumbier. The drop in temperatures and the intervention of the more than 45 people who have participated throughout the night in the extinction work have managed to prevent the front from advancing further.

The flames remain in a sloped and inaccessible area by land, so it will be the aerial means that will try to suffocate them. The firefighters of the Government of Navarra, together with the Military Emergency Unit and the troops provided by both the Ministry for Ecological Transition (MITECO) and the Government of Aragon, will monitor the perimeter of the burned area to stop any outbreaks that may occur and will continue carrying out work of auction and extinction.

In statements to Euskadi Irratia, Navarre firefighters sergeant Mitxel Malumbres reported that the main objective at the moment is to control an active focus in the Sierra de Leyre before ten o’clock in the morning, which could become more complicated if the wind picks up again. blow hard. “The weather is getting more and more complicated,” he lamented. As he added, several helicopters are working on it, waiting for reinforcements from the Ministry to arrive.

As for the fire that started on Tuesday night in an area near the NA-132 (Estella-Tafalla-Sangüesa) highway and that flared up yesterday afternoon, surpassing the NA-6140 (Tafalla-Miranda de Arga) and entering the municipality of Larraga, has managed to be controlled by firefighters from the parks of Estella, Tafalla, Tudela and Peralta.

The Government of Navarra strongly urges the population to take extreme precautions and avoid any practice or activity that could carry the risk of causing a fire. The dryness of the soil and the vegetation, together with the high temperatures, mean that the risk of fires is very high throughout the Autonomous Community.

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