Wednesday, August 17

Fires and influencers in Borbonia

Spain is that place in the south of Europe that usually takes giant steps, often forward and, as far as possible, backwards. In this sense, now that the washing machine of the media sewers works at the desired pace to get the laundry ready before September, and with the start of August, certain sectors of the country are trying to go back to those times that were so happy. Summer months with their coups d’état and the knot that was tied with strong ties for forty years and a long extension.

That Spain recovers in some way the summers of yesteryear, where a girl called Carmencita, daughter of the boss, who would later lead the happy and profitable life of being a celebrity, looked at the NODE. Now “the fashionable girl”, according to nothing less than RTVE, is… let’s see, breathe before reading… Victoria Federica de Todos los Santos de Marichalar y Borbón with treatment of Most Excellent Lady, Grandee of Spain and Lady Divisera Hijadalgo of the Illustrious Solar from Tejada. And that, with 21 years. She comes from her cradle: they brought water from the Jordan River to the Royal Palace in Madrid to baptize her. And she is the 5th in the line of succession to the throne of Spain. Before her is her brother Froilán and her mother, the Infanta Elena. And, of course, the King’s daughters, Leonor and Sofía.

For some time we have had Victoria Federica in the media at all hours. They are creating a character around her figure. She is an influencer, they say. She’s fashionable and being fashionable, and that’s why she appears in flashy and expensive dresses and makeup like a door, as defined by the cliché of excess. They also call it “the Royal” and the it girl and they assure that he looks great in a bikini, like in a campaign, like a montage. The girl is very thin, a board, and her ribs are marked. But if she is royal, influencer and Grande de España, the great guy goes to mass. Numerous publications among the cream of the journalistic scene signed up for similar praise. What to do.

Victoria Federica used to attend celebrations of the extreme right and was endowed, like a few others according to the investigation, with a fraudulent black card for his multiple expenses that did not give him any invoice. He had a rocker boyfriend, the son of the imprisoned treasurer of the PP, Luis Bárcenas, and RTVE tells us that he seems to have returned with a previous one, a bullfighter. To top it off.

Its success grows like foam thanks to continuous promotions, but the media crowning has come this week occupying the cover of Hello. On the back of a black horse with a white dress and “taking the reins of his life”, they say, to start a family and see if he has time left to dedicate himself to fashion.

Although I hate clichés, this is pure Borbonia. That of Juan Carlos, the king that Franco appointed as his successor. Victoria Federica is the Carmencita of yesteryear adapted to today’s fashion. A remarkably unstructured family, the Bourbons, with several divorces and cases of corruption, which some pretend to pass off as a model. It has its one that this girl is Great of Spain for example, but Greatness in these monarchical conflicts is very devalued. And it shows how a whole story of triumph can be assembled from almost nothing.

So much, so much, it seems little casual. Some wonder if it will be the fruit of the work of the monarchist lobby that wanted to judge left-wing politicians for insulting the king. That gentleman exonerated from guilt in Spain who we were told would return in June, but after a full day’s visit to the Zarzuela it seems that he postponed his return for an indefinite period and with a thick veil of information. Endearing ties of this family.

If it will be Borbonia de Todos los Francos this country that the extreme right has come to power without much effort. With the help of the media that, between sink and sewer, promoted them. At such a disastrous moment in Castilla y León, that they have been caught by the fires that neither the PP nor they anticipated in the media, and they have given the face of what they are. With a balance of the two main ones that is already the worst in history in Zamora

García-Gallardo, the vice president of Vox, has announced the government’s measures to alleviate the fires. Those listed first, a concert to raise funds, aid for those affected in their tourist activities, deliver a jersey of a “renowned” cyclist to mayors of towns affected by the fire, then others will be added. The writing is also from a primary school student.

Apparently normal people have voted for him. Not even they will take advantage of that stagnant Borbonia that they are determined to regrow. It is reported that, without even dissimulation, a group of conservative members is consolidated as opposition to the Government within the Judicial Branch, that which has expired the equivalent of a full legislature. The separation of powers of the Rule of Law directly to the horn. The media arm tells it in another way: holy magistrates and magistrates who monitor the ravings of the progressive government. And the prosecutor’s office, freeing all the sausages of the PP and its companies that will no longer be presumed but directly honest citizens. And TVE, releasing important news about this edifying match in prime time on the news.

Almost from the same unresolved wells, Italian politics burst open, making way for the fascist Meloni in the preferences of voters. And there are great restrictions because you have to pay for the war that was not wanted to be avoided. Vox, with the complicity of the PP of Mañueco, will hire singers and cyclists to sell their shirts, while the mountain burns and takes even lives ahead. And Victoria Federica de los Borbones y Todos los Santos will put on another colorful outfit to see if it sneaks in that even fashion dresses in Royal in this country of Bourbon with much more story than fairies and princesses.

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