Tuesday, July 5

First arrests in relation to the crime of the young Samuel in A Coruña

In the death of Samuel, the 24-year-old who lost his life at dawn on Saturday in A Coruña after receiving a beating in the street, a group of at least seven people are implicated. This is indicated by the investigations launched by the police that have already identified three couples and a seventh individual who is related to the crime. According to sources familiar with the investigation, the police have already made the first arrests and several of the suspects are already in police stations.

In order to find the whereabouts of the suspects, the contribution of a witness has been essential who, minutes after the fatal attack, called 092 to say that he had seen a group of people escape from the scene, leaving Samuel dying on the ground. . This testimony also introduces the first clues about the aggressors, since the complainant declares to the police that the aggressors come from the Coruña neighborhood of Elviña and gives details about one of them, who offers his surname, by which he is identified in that zone.

Specifically, the investigation focuses its investigations on three couples and a seventh person who is directly related to the aggression and the subsequent abandonment of the young man on the floor of the Coruña promenade.

According to sources from the Government Delegation, for the moment the homophobic nature of the crime is ruled out and the facts are related to a discussion due to a misunderstanding with a mobile phone. According to this first version, Samuel was having a video call with some friends and the attackers interpreted that he was recording them. From there, the beating that ends the life of the young man follows, always according to the first investigations of the agents.

Despite the above, the version about the homophobic nature of the beating has spread in the conversation on social networks and in the messages that politicians and leaders of LGTBI movements have spread in recent hours. The Avante LGTB + organization has called for this Monday a series of rallies throughout Galicia to demonstrate their rejection of Samuel’s death, which are directly related to his sexual condition.