Thursday, July 29

First ever sub-1% five-year mortgage fix launched by Nationwide-check if you can you take advantage of record low rates

Check now if you can cut the cost of your mortgage

Even if Nationwide’s deal isn’t right for you, if you’re coming to the end of your mortgage or you’re on your lender’s SVR, you should check if you can cut costs now as rates are low across the board. Of course , it’s impossible to say if mortgage rates could fall further, but many can save £1,000s switching to a cheaper deal now.

To benchmark the best deal, put your info into our Mortgages Best Buys Comparison tool, which also factors in fees, then compare the top results with the best deals a broker can offer.

Struggling to remortgage? It’s worth having a chat with your existing lender about switching to a new mortgage deal with it, something that’s known as a product transfer. A product transfer can mean you end up on a better interest rate, and if you’re not borrowing more money then it can be quick and simple to arrange – in many cases not requiring any additional background checks.

For more tips on how to get a good mortgage deal, see our First-Time Buyers guide if you’re looking to get onto the property ladder. Alternatively, have a read of our Remortgage guide if you already own your home and you’re coming to the end of your mortgage deal or you’re on your lender’s SVR.

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