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First image of the new series based on The Last of Us | Digital Trends Spanish

In 2020 we learned a piece of news that would delight fans of the popular video game saga The last of us. And it is that HBO confirmed us March of that year that I was working on the production of a homonymous series, based on the popular Sony PlayStation franchise.

A year and a half later we have seen the first official image of the series, after being shared by Neil Druckmann, writer and creative director of the game, who is involved in the development of it. In the image we can see Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey from the back, who will play Joel and Ellie, protagonists of the games. Along with Druckman, the script is written by Craig Mazin, writer of the acclaimed series Chernobyl.

When I first saw them on set in full costume, I was like: & quot; Hooooooly shit! It’s Joel & amp; Ellie! 😭! & Quot;

The @HBO adaptation of @Naughty_Dog& # 39; s The Last of Us is full steam ahead!

Can & # 39; t wait to show you more (from all of our projects!) Happy #TLoUDay!!! pic.twitter.com/trq9N340FW

& mdash; Dr. Uckmann (@Neil_Druckmann) September 27, 2021

The original HBO series will be based on the first game, which was written by Druckmann, although we may find some additional content based on the latest installment of the game, The Last of Us Part II, released in May 2020. The last of us was released in June 2013 for the PlayStation 3 and is set in the not too distant but dystopian future where a strain of the Cordyceps fungus has turned almost all of humanity into strange cannibalistic creatures known as “Infected.” In this world, where civilization as we know it does not exist, Joel and Ellie meet, both survivors and strangers who finally form a strong friendship after joining by chance.

At the moment no release date is known, but since there are already images of the filming, we may not have to wait too long.

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