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First impressions of the Magic V, the first Honor folding | Digital Trends Spanish

Honor continues to showcase the development of its new mobile products, and now the Magic V makes a short stop in Mexico. It is the first folding of the brand, which seeks to satisfy those who want both the experience of a smartphone and that of a high-end tablet in the same device, according to the local division of the firm. We had the opportunity to get our hands on the “hybrid” and tell you about our experience.

It was in early January 2022 when the company announced this cell phone and, last March, it took it to the Mobile World Congress, the annual technology fair held in Barcelona, ​​Spain.

There is no certainty about the price and availability of the Magic V for Mexico. Considering the segment in which it is found, it can be inferred that it will not be cheap (more than $2,000 dollars), however, we will have to wait to have more details about it.


According to Honor, the Magic V is not sacrificed in specifications in any of its modes, so people can carry out their productivity activities – such as answering emails or messages – when the mobile is folded and entertainment when it is extended. the internal display without any problem.

The external panel is of the OLED type and has a size of 6.5 inches (1,080 x 2,560 pixels) and a refresh rate of 120 Hz for smooth content playback. This element also draws attention because its right edge is curved, which adds an elegant touch to the unit.

User holding the Magic V, which is in tablet mode.

Regarding the largest screen, the company that became independent from Huawei in November 2020 opted for a size of 7.9 inches (1,984 x 2,272 pixels), although here the refresh rate decreases to 90 Hz.

What about the area that allows the mobile to close in the middle, located in the center of the larger display? The lines where the action is carried out stand out, especially when the phone is off, so it repeats that situation that is seen in the proposals of the manufacturers that have opted for this format.

Of course, Honor indicates that its hinge, which it calls “drop of water”, has significant advances in mechanics and resistance, so much so that it can withstand about 200,000 opening and closing actions.

Honor Magic V Hinge

When it is “folded”, it is true, the hinge seems to make a perfect fold, however, this is because the larger panel integrates two small physical edges in the center (as seen in the image above), the which also prevent the passage of light and, more importantly, dust particles.

Already in the hands and especially in smartphone mode, the phone feels comfortable (14.3 mm thick), without this feeling that it can be accidentally dropped.

On the back, the triple camera with 50 MP sensors stands out, compacted in a module that, although not discreet, does look elegant. And to get quality selfies, the brand decided to integrate a 42 MP lens.

Triple camera of the Honor Magic V, the first folding of the Chinese brand.

On the right side of the Honor Magic V are the buttons that allow you to control the volume and the power button that also serves as a sensor to unlock the unit.

Finally, in addition to stereo sound, the cell phone incorporates a USB-C charging port, ready to add headphones of the type with the idea of ​​listening to music (there is no 3.5 mm jack).

Performance and autonomy

The Magic V comes with the latest from Qualcomm, that is, the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor, an element that is complemented by 12 GB of RAM. In the first impressions, it is certainly noticeable that it is a smartphone that is going to respond effectively in the different tasks that are presented to it.

In relation to its storage, it starts at 256 GB, so there will be no inconvenience for those people who usually generate various content.

User holding the Magic V, which is in cellular mode.

The battery that Honor decided to place in the mobile is 4,750 mAh, which is compensated with a fast charge of 66 watts, yes, the same one that has already been seen with good results in the Honor 50.

More tests are needed regarding performance and battery life, however, it seems that Honor has spared no resources in order to make its first foldable look and respond like what it is, a high-end.


Honor takes another solid step in its independence from Huawei with this cell phone, aimed mainly at executives and content creators. It does not stop having those elements that are already beginning to distinguish the firm, such as a curved screen, fast charging that exceeds 60 watts, state-of-the-art processing and rear optics that stand out for their MP.

As was said a few lines ago, it is not entirely a fact that it will arrive in Mexico or other Latin American countries, what is that it would be prepared to compete with manufacturers that have entered the segment, such as Samsung and Huawei itself.

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