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First Impressions of ViX, TelevisaUnivision’s Free Streaming | Digital Trends Spanish

The first impressions of ViX can already be given, a few hours after its premiere, this March 31, 2022. It is the free version (with advertising) of the updated streaming from the TelevisaUnivision conglomerate; the paid option, ViX+, will arrive later this year.

We tested ViX both on mobile (iOS and Android) like in the desk, and that promise of having an experience similar to that offered by open television is fulfilled, especially for news and sports content. No registration is required at the moment.

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Quick start

The main interface highlights the Channels, On Demand, News and Sports sections. According to official platform information, more than 100 channels and 40,000 hours of content are available in Spanish.

  • Channels. It brings together all the properties “live” or with an active transmission, to put it in some way. stand out here TUDN Zone (sports), Univision News 24/7 (available for the United States and Latin America, with the exception of Mexico) and N+ Mean (news of general interest).
  • On Demand. It includes the material that can be seen at any time, from movies to novels, through series and content for children.
  • Sports. It integrates both live programs and upcoming league matches from Mexico, Argentina and Colombia. It also has specials and movies about sports.
  • News. The entire news bar is brought together here, both live streams and replays of analysis shows.

Some clarifications here. Although the ViX interface is the same, certain channels and specific productions are only available for the United States, not for Mexico, for example. At first glance, we find the content viewed from the Stars and Stripes nation to be more robust or more numerous.

Regarding on-demand properties, it is not possible to download content to view on the go, without an internet connection. Also, in the case of the English films, they are dubbed into Spanish (there is no room to play with the language settings).

As anticipated, the free version of TelevisaUnivisión’s streaming intersperses advertising between the contents. While you can bookmark about 10 commercials in a movie (in the playbar), these have a minimum duration of 90 seconds.

Especially with live programs, it is possible to say that the display of the image is in high definition, which is good news for those who start the platform from the connected television.

Other considerations

ViX interface, TelevisaUnivision's free video streaming.

In addition to Mexico and the United States, ViX reaches most of the Spanish-speaking countries in Latin America, such as Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela. The platform can be accessed through the application available for a wide variety of cell phones, media players and connected televisions.

About the paid version, ViX +, it will be ready until the second half of 2022 and its price is still unknown. You will have an additional 10,000 hours of content in your first year alone.

Both entertainment options were announced last February with the intention of offering a “revolutionary streaming service to the almost 600 million Spanish-speakers around the world.”

First conclusions

Yes, this first step of TelevisaUnivisión with Vix is ​​interesting, especially for the sports offer and live news. In other words, it does not feel like a simple “video library” that is broadcasting a catalog (soap operas) to be seen online.

The wide deployment that the application reaches in this first stage is also interesting, as well as its good performance both on mobile and on a larger screen.

What does remain a concern is that it seems that the content that can be seen in the United States is much greater than that seen from Mexico, for example. Yes, again the issue of broadcasting rights. Hopefully this difference will not be as noticeable with ViX+.

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