Wednesday, August 4

First lung transplant in Spain to a patient with COVID-19 damage who spent 127 days in the ICU

The Vall d’Hebron Hospital in Barcelona has performed the first lung transplant in Spain to a patient in whom the inflammation caused by COVID-19 had caused irreversible damage to these organs. The 51-year-old man with no previous pathologies was infected at the end of January of this year, in the third wave, and was admitted to the ICU for 127 days, 122 of which were connected to an extracorporeal oxygenation device (ECMO), a machine that does the functions of the lungs.

After four months connected, his lungs did not respond and the Bellvitge Hospital, where he was admitted, requested an assessment from the Vall d’Hebron Lung Transplant Committee, the referring center. The patient has left the ICU and no longer needs support to breathe, reports the ACN.

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