Thursday, September 23

First sentence in Barcelona for the dispute between separated parents over the covid vaccination of their children

A Barcelona judge has resolved the dispute of a separated father and mother over the COVID-19 vaccination of their two children. The magistrate, in one of the first cases in which the Justice has had to rule on the right of divorced parents to vaccinate their children, agrees with the mother, a supporter of immunization, has advanced this Monday the newspaper ARA.

The conflict was not limited only to vaccination but also affected the practice of a PCR test on minors, also rejected by the father. Judge Eva Atarés has also ruled in favor of the mother, in a ruling that does not imply automatic vaccination, but rather which of the two parents has the right to decide based on the benefit of the minors. In this case it will be the mother, a supporter of vaccination.

The decision has been made after having listened to the arguments of the two parents and evaluating the medical documentation provided by the parties. The judicial resolution has established that the most beneficial thing for the interests of the two adolescents is that the mother has the last word.

Vaccination of minors between 12 and 18 years old was opened last August and although high immunization rates have been achieved in a few days, since parents are in charge of vaccinating their children, disputes have arisen between some separated parents , which will be resolved by the judges.

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