Thursday, September 21

First setback to the Navalmoral battery gigafactory, the Ministry of Industry rejects PERTE for now

The Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism has dismissed, in the first phase, the strategic project for economic recovery and transformation (Perte) presented by the companies Envision and Acciona for the installation of the battery gigafactory in Navalmoral de la Mata, in the province of Cáceres, whose total investment would reach 1,000 million euros and would mean the creation of 3,000 new jobs.

According to a resolution published this Monday by the Ministry, the tractor project does not meet the minimum structure of the Perte of the Electric Vehicle in terms of “the adequacy of the structure of the proposal to the content of the minimum Perte”, so it cannot be help object.

Likewise, the document indicates that “the fundable budget of the tractor project, considering those primary projects that reach the threshold of technical viability of the proposal, does not reach the minimum amount indicated in article 11.2 of Order ICT/209/2022, of 17 of March”.

Given this decision, the interested parties may formulate the allegations they deem appropriate during a total period of 15 days from the day following the date of publication of the resolution.

On the other hand, the Ministry of Industry has allocated 702.68 million euros for ten of the thirteen proposals included in the Perte of the electric and connected vehicle (VEC), of which 167.32 million will be for Seat.

The thirteen tractor projects are made up of 487 primary projects that involve 327 companies.

According to the provisional resolution proposal, the second project that will receive the most money is that of Mercedes Benz, with 159.34 million, for the transformation of the value chain of electric mobility for the development and national manufacture of the Premium minivan electric.

The Ford Spain project for the manufacture of an electric and connected vehicle would take 106.33 million, while the Hub Tech Factory project for adaptive, modular and multi-reference manufacturing of a connected electric vehicle gets 105.1 million.

Other projects included in the Industry resolution are Opel (42.47 million), Renault (39.74 million), Faurecia (25.94 million), Sapa (25.22 million), Irizar (24.02 million) and Fagor Electronics (7.19 million).

For every euro of public investment, it is expected that four euros of private investment will be activated, according to the Ministry, which estimates the total investment mobilized by these thirteen applications will amount to 11,855 million, between public aid and private financing.