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Fitbit Luxe review: a small smart bracelet

“The Fitbit Luxe is a great little bracelet created for a minimalist audience.”

  • Small and slim for an audience that likes minimalism

  • Same features as other Fitbit wristbands

  • More than five days of battery

  • The screen can be awkward to use

  • A physical button is missing

  • It does not have music controls

  • You can’t answer calls

The first thing I thought when I took out the Fitbit Luxe from its box was: what a small bracelet. Its size may seem ridiculous, but on my wrist, to be honest, it didn’t look bad at all.

All the comparisons are hateful, but I couldn’t help but think that the Fitbit Luxe It competes in size – although not in price – with the Xiaomi Mi Band 6. Of course, while the bracelet manufactured by the American company has a 0.76-inch AMOLED screen, its Chinese rival has 1.1 inches, so it can be said that it is small, but not that much.

So is the Fitbit Luxe worth paying $ 149.95 for?

Stylish design… for small dolls?

The new Fitbit Luxe smart bracelet is slim and small. Used to using a Fitbit Sense and an Apple Watch, the difference is great, but there is no point of comparison as they are two different products in their entirety.

Perhaps the company thought this bracelet for a female audience and also for children, since on large wrists it will probably look a bit strange, although it will work just as well.

The Fitbit Luxe can be purchased in gold, graphite, and silver-plated stainless steel. In addition to the regular plastic bracelets, there is a special edition Parker bracelet, which looks very luxurious, but costs $ 99.95.

What you can do with the Fitbit Luxe

Do not think that due to its small size it has fewer functions. It has a heart rate monitor, SpO2 sensor, full color panel, receives call alerts and text notifications —but you can’t answer messages—, it measures your physical activity all day and your sleep, it is waterproof and it also records your training. inside a swimming pool.

In addition, the menstruation monitoring function, launched several years ago by the company, could not be missing.


Already on my wrist, something that I did not like about this smart bracelet is that it does not have a physical button, so it is a bit confusing when you want to change screens. In addition, historically in the Fitbit Charge and Fitbit Inspire models we have always had that little side haptic button, which is missed.

Since all navigation is done via the touch screen, you will have a slight learning curve, it is not ideal, but you will know how to use it: a double tap takes you back, if you swipe right on most screens, it takes you to the main panel with the clock, and when you swipe up or down, you get the information of the day, the display modes and the settings.

The company says its battery can last up to five days.

Measuring your health

If something is important in the Fitbit Luxe it is that it has all the technology of Fitbit, and that means that you get health monitoring functions and exercises that will help you in your day to day.

One of the functions that I liked was sleep monitoring, because being such a small bracelet does not make you uncomfortable sleeping. As usual, the next morning you will find your result in the app, which tells you how your dream was and even gives you recommendations to improve it.

Fitbit Luxe can also give you data such as your breathing rate, rest time, and body temperature variation.

Something we all need these days is stress management, and this bracelet can give you that by taking a look at metrics like sleep quality, your activity level, and response.

Fitbit can record more data regarding your health, but for this you will have to pay for Fitbit Premium, a service that costs $ 10 a month.

Training functions

This Fitbit bracelet lacks GPS, but it is capable of counting up to 20 types of training (on the screen you can see data such as calories burned, steps taken, distance and minutes in an active zone).

Something that many people who train have become obsessed with lately is VO2 Max, which gives you a score that indicates your cardiovascular capacity, something like taking physical education class and scoring 10. The higher the score, the better cardiovascular fitness.

What you won’t get on the Fitbit Luxe

The Fitbit Luxe is not a smartwatch, so there are several things you are going to miss. You can see incoming calls and message notifications, but not reply to them. On Android you have quick answers, nothing more.

If you’re looking for music control, mobile payments, or elevation monitoring, the Luxe won’t give you those details.


The Fitbit Luxe is a small smart bracelet more aimed at the female audience, but it will give you good data, since it has the same technology as other watches from the company. If you are looking for a bracelet with almost all monitoring sensors, the Luxe is your best option, because your next alternative would be the Fitbit Charge 4, which will ultimately seem huge next to it.

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