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Five high-quality Bluetooth speakers between 30 and 200 euros

Everyone listens to music, regardless of gender. Although CD players seem to have taken a back seat by now, the smartphone It has become the most used medium to put a soundtrack to our day to day. And, now that Twelfth Night is approaching, the loudspeakers may be in our sights.

Although headphones are the usual accessory, for telework days or weekends at home they can become somewhat uncomfortable. This is why wireless speakers have become a gadget more and more common.

They tend to offer higher sound quality than mobile phones and, above all, more volume. In addition, it is easy both to change rooms and to carry them with you everywhere. But what are the best value for money? What should one look for when choosing?

Quick Buying Tips

Before entering into the specific recommendations, and in case you want to search on your own, we are going to establish some important points:


The most common is to search for a Bluetooth speaker. Some speakers offer only Wi-Fi connection, something that can be understated since, then, it can only be used in environments with this connection – such as the home.

The normal thing is to look for a speaker that has both Bluetooth and jack connection (the most common is 3.5 mm), which allows you to connect practically any device.

Some models also have USB ports, which are sometimes dedicated only to updates and others also allow you to connect your mobile directly. Another connection, not so common, is the NFC, which allows you to connect the speaker to the device just by bringing it closer.

Bluetooth type

Any Bluetooth connection less than 4.0 should be discarded, with 5.0 being the ideal one. This allows a greater bandwidth and, in addition, to have a greater number of connected devices – in familiar spaces this can be an advantage.

The most widespread Bluetooth profile is A2DP, which only allows audio to be transmitted. The alternatives are the HFP, which allows calls to be received from the loudspeaker, or HSP, which provides a greater number of functionalities.

Sound enhancements

Some wireless speakers include technologies, such as DSP, that improve sound quality. This is most noticeable when using the speaker at high volumes, as it prevents distortion of the music.


What would a wireless speaker be if it lasted just a few hours? The normal, and recommended, is at least a 10-hour battery at 50% volume. You also have to take into account the charging time and how it charges – some use USB-C ports, while others have their own charging systems.

Advantages (and disadvantages) of Bluetooth speakers

The advantages of this type of device are, for the most part, obvious. Depending on the model, you can connect several devices, which makes the connection much easier if you live with other people; They tend to take up less space than other similar alternatives and their variety of designs allows the user to choose the one that “fits” the most with their home.

In addition, the fact that they are wireless means that we do not have to have the cell phone nearby, being able to go to other rooms. They are also easy to transport, which makes it very easy to change rooms or take them to other areas (such as parks or the office).

The main disadvantages compared to other types of speakers, such as those that go by cable, is autonomy. That is to say, fixed equipment, being connected to the current, does not require charging times.

In addition, the Bluetooth connection consumes energy from our mobile device, no matter how small, so while we are listening to music, our mobile will run out. There is also the possibility of interference.

The four candidates one by one

one. JBL Go 3

The first on the list and the cheapest but with good results. The JBL Go 3, priced at round between 30 and 40 euros (see more offers), is the alternative for users looking for a speaker for both home and outdoor. Especially if you live near the coast.

The JBL Go 3 is a speaker with a power of 4.2W – nominal power of 4W -, nothing spectacular, but it also does not fall short considering the budget (and what it is focused on). It has a Bluetooth 4.1 connection and USB-C port.

The autonomy is little, five hours of use, but in return we have a resistance to water and dust that makes it perfect to go out to the beach or picnic with it. In addition, despite its price, it has a hands-free mode, so we can receive calls from it.

two. Tronsmart Force

Although unknown, Tronsmart is a brand that must be taken into account if we are talking about speakers. Above all, if we talk about the Tronsmart Force, a wireless speaker that, for a price between 40 and 57 euros (see more offers)It is one of the best quality / price alternatives.

The first thing that stands out about this speaker is the connection option. Not only does it have Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity – which allows you to connect multiple devices and also improves audio quality – but it also has a 3.5mm jack and a microSD card slot. And NFC, for those users who use it.

With a power of 80W (nominal power of 40W), it is a speaker that fulfills all the effects of what is sought, especially in this price range. It also has an autonomy of 15 hours of use at 50% of the volume. It also has protection against water and particles that, without being the best, allows it to be taken out of the house without problems.

Tronsmart Force 40W for € 50

3. Sony SRS-XB12

In sound, Sony is a brand that usually does things well. And the Sony SRS-XB12 speakers are a safe bet for those users who want to enjoy good autonomy and music quality. for a price between 40 and 60 euros (see more offers).

Although the power is unknown, the SRS-XB12 stand out for their sound quality. They have the technology Extra bass, which considerably improves the bass and, in general, the experience. It is very small, 243 grams, and has both a Bluetooth 4.2 connection and a 3.5mm jack port. In addition, it has a not inconsiderable autonomy of 16 hours of use.

Sony SRS-XB12 for € 63.97

Four. W-KING D8

But what if we look for a “beast”? The W-KING D8 speaker is surely the best choice. Although the design is, compared to the rest, rough and not very versatile, for 80 euros (see more offers) it is the most powerful speaker you can find. And also, with a much higher autonomy.

The W-KING D8 is a speaker made to stay in one place or move between rooms. Although they try to sell it as “a portable device”, its weight (2.4 kilos) and its appearance do not invite to move it beyond the walls of the home. It has a strap to transport it, which also facilitates the work that yes.

Discarded the idea of ​​using it for a picnic, what does it offer? It is rated at 50W and has full-range drivers (for both highs and lows), which gives very good sound quality, especially at high volumes. The mode Sound effect, which increases the power, does give some distortion as the volume is turned up.

But the W-KING D8 outnumber the rest in autonomy. Its battery, on average, lasts about 24 hours and also allows you to charge other devices (such as a mobile phone) by connecting it to the speaker itself. This is thinking for when we take it out of the house, but it also has other applications.

The most surprising thing is that it allows fast charging, both to charge the mobile from the speaker and to charge the speaker itself. Regarding the ports: it has a USB-C, Bluetooth and NFC, and a 3.5mm jack port.

5. The icing: Ultimate Ears Megaboom 3

The UE Megaboom 3 are the most expensive speakers by far, but you have to take this into account if your budget allows it and if you are looking for an off-road speaker. Even if its price is 184 euros (see more offers), the usual thing is that it is around between 140 and 160 euros.

The Megaboom 3 has a design that, although sober, looks very nice to look at and makes it very easy to transport. It features shock, water, and dust resistance, so it’s designed not only to sound great at home, but also to take with you anywhere.

You can connect up to eight devices to the same speaker and, at the same time, connect to other speakers to create sound ecosystems (or simply increase the power). Another of its strengths is its 360-degree sound system.

That is, the sound is emitted in all directions and from all angles of the speaker. It only has a Bluetooth connection, but with a range of 45 meters, much higher than the previous ones. And also hands-free.

Ultimate Ears Megaboom 3 for € 199

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