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Five horror movie hotels where you can stay | Digital Trends Spanish

Knowing the places where a movie or series was filmed is one of the dreams of any cinephile. But would you be willing to stay in the place used to tell stories of ghosts, crimes and mysteries? If you wish, these are five horror movie hotels where you can stay.

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Salish Lodge & Spa – Twin Peaks

The Salish Lodge & Spa was used as the location for the series Twin peaks. Salish Lodge & Spa

Only two seasons were enough for Twin peaks to become one of the most successful television series in history. The David Lynch and Mark Frost production tells the story of the quirky inhabitants of the fictional little town Twin Peaks, who have been rocked by a murder mystery. The Salish Lodge & Spa Snoqualmie was one of the most iconic locations in the production, to the point that it was included in the opening sequence. Staying in the place can cost between $ 350 and $ 600 per night.

The Oakley Court – The Rocky Horror Picture Show

The Oakley Court
The Oakley Court served as the location for The Rocky Horror Picture Show. The Oakley Court

Built in 1859, The Oakley Court It is a Victorian gothic style mansion that served as the setting for more than a dozen horror films, most of them from the legendary British studio Hammer Productions. However, one of the most outstanding productions is The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975), starring Tim Curry and Susan Sarandon. Today it is a luxury hotel, with large gardens and a view of the River Thames. If you want to stay, you have to pay about 550 pounds per night, something like $ 690 dollars.

Timberline Lodge – The Shinning

Timberline Lodge
Called the Overlook Hotel, the Timberline Lodge was the setting in The Shinning.

The Timberline Lodge, located inside Oregon’s Mt. Hood Forest, was used for the exterior shots that brought the terrifying Overlook Hotel to life in The Shinning or The glow, Stanley Kubrick’s film based on the Stephen King novel of the same name. The property features rustic rooms, handcrafted furnishings, a heated pool, and access to ski resorts, among other amenities. Staying there can cost up to $ 400 per night.

Ettington Park Hotel – The Haunting

The facade of Ettington Park
The façade of Ettington Park represented The Hill House.

The Ettington Park Hotel It is a Gothic mansion built in 1858 on a plot of more than 160,000 square meters (40 acres), which is crossed by the River Stour in Alderminster, United Kingdom. The venue was used as a location to represent Hill House in The Haunting (1963), a British film based on the novel The Haunting of Hill House by Shirley Jackson. The cost of a room varies between $ 250 and $ 350.

Millennium Biltmore – The Ghostbusters

The Millennium Biltmore was named the Sedgewick Hotel in the first installment of The Ghostbusters
The Millennium Biltmore was called the Sedgewick Hotel in the first installment of The ghostbusters. The ghostbusters

The ghostbusters it does not need further introduction. The highest grossing film of 1984, a mix between comedy and paranormal phenomena, has given life to multiple sequels. Various scenes from this tape were recorded in the corridors and rooms of the Millennium biltmore Los Angeles, which in the movie was called the Sedgewick Hotel. If you want to stay at the place where Bill Murray captured several ghosts, you can do it from $ 150 for a standard room to more than $ 100,000 for the presidential suite.

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