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Five ideas to surprise your partner on Valentine’s Day with what you already have at home

The traditional box of chocolates It may not be the most sustainable way to show our love this Valentine’s Day. The reason is that the cocoa in chocolate products seems to be behind part of the deforestation of the planet, according to a report published by the international NGO Mighty Earth.

It’s true: we can opt for certified chocolate, and there are even fair trade options. But here we propose ideas to surprise someone special this Valentine’s Day (or any other day) with what we already have at home; and that, therefore, do not imply an additional impact for the planet.

We may think that Valentine’s Day is just a day created by shopping malls for us to spend money, but these ideas seek to disrupt that purpose. And fill that special someone with love in a free way; or almost. Here are five simple ideas to surprise this February 14 with what we already have at home.

1. Giant or framed paper heart

This loving project is simple and inexpensive; or free, if we already have decorative paper at home. In fact, it can be used to reuse all that wrapping paper that we have accumulated this Christmas.

We need ten square pieces of paper to make 20 triangles. We can go for more reddish or pink tones, if we choose to bring out our more traditional side. Or break with conventions, and choose different colored paper.

It will also come in handy to have some scissors and a bit of glue stick (to glue the triangles together), and some drop adhesives or glue dots, which are used to adhere decorative objects to the wall, and that do not leave a mark when we remove them We can try the same thing with double-sided tape, but it doesn’t usually work as well.

We cut the square sheets of paper in half, with a diagonal cut, to obtain the 20 triangles. And now we only have to entertain ourselves to finish the heart montage with them, as if they were a tangram, the traditional Chinese game that consists of forming silhouettes with geometric pieces, in this case, a heart.

Once we have the heart mounted on the floor, we can stick it to the wall. And, if we don’t have room for such a large setup, we can make a Reduced version of the heart, and frame it.

2. Heart with polaroid photos

For lovers of vintage, this idea is as simple as it is loving. If we already have a polaroid camera at home, we just need to gather some nice photos with our partner and paste them on the wall, with the same drop adhesive, to form a heart with them. If we need it, here it goes a model that we can follow

3. “Love” with wool letters

Here is another simple project, which allows us to take advantage of all the remains of colored wool that we have at home. For the rest, we only need a few pipe cleaners, also called chenilles or brushes, widely used in crafts because they are cheap, allow us to mold them easily, and can also be cut, bent or glued.

It is about using those pipe cleaners to write the word we want, modeling each of the letters by linking or knotting several of them. For example, we can write “love” or “I love you”, or whatever we want. Then, we cover each letter with wool so that they are covered; we can do it with different colors of wool and patterns to achieve the desired effect.

4. A box full of love

Another nice idea to take advantage of the cardboard boxes of online purchases, and in the most loving way. We only need the box, scissors and colored paper or cardboard that we already have at home. The cash register We can decorate it with some hearts, cut out of the paper.

And inside, we can fill it with more hearts cut out of cardboard or paper. As many as fit! We can complete the idea with a homemade dessert, for example, some cookies, which will appear when we take the hearts out of the box.

5. Heart cookies (or the shape you want)

And there are few sweeter ways to say how much we love someone than dessert. If, in addition, we are concerned about the planet, we can use ingredients with a sustainable certificate. There are many ideas: from cooking heart-shaped cookies to preparing a homemade cake.

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