Thursday, September 21

Five ingenious ideas to reuse picture frames and paintings

Reusing objects that we already have at home has a double satisfaction. On the one hand, they don’t end up in the trash, which means a little respite for the planet. But, in addition, it is a simple way to give them a new and practical use, which can come in handy. And without spending money on the way.

In this column we have collected ideas to reuse old clothes, useful things to do with old socks and even beautiful ways to use furniture drawers that no longer serve us. And, it’s true: an old picture frame or molding from an old painting can be another candidate for ending up in the trash.

Therefore, here are five ideas to avoid it and, instead of throwing them away, transform our frames into something different, beautiful and also practical.

Idea 1. Give the frame a new look with some paint

A photo frame or the frame of an old painting are very simple objects to update. It is enough to apply a coat of paint to them; as easy as it sounds. What’s more: if we use a fresh tone that suits us at home, an old frame allows us to paint it as many times as we want.

This idea also helps us to finish those pots of paint that we have at home, before it dries. And we can even use the painted frames to add them to a wall, and create a decorative wall with them; a trend that can brighten up the living room. And, of course, painting a frame also serves as a starting point for all the following ideas.

Idea 2. Transform a photo frame into a tray

The life of an old frame goes beyond the walls. And we can use it to build a nice tray, with which to decorate a side or coffee table. It’s as simple as setting frame a pair of handles sides, and add a nice photo in the center; for example, a sheet with a botanical motif or the like.

Idea 3. Use a photo frame to organize (almost everything)

If the photo frame or molding of an old painting retains its background or back, as well we can use it to organize household objects. One of the most recurrent ideas is to transform the frame into an organizer for jewellery, such as earrings and necklaces, accessories that always end up lost or rolled up.

If we add something padded to the frame in the center, or an esparto-type fabric, which allows small nails or thumbtacks to be embedded in it, we already have the place to puncture the earrings. And never lose them again! For organize the necklaces, you have to place them on the nails or thumbtacks. And hang the frame on the wall, and they stop curling up and forming knots!

Idea 4. Make yourself a memo board with a frame

With a bit of cork, a material that is easy to find because it is sold in sheets in DIY or craft stores, we can transform that old picture frame into a nice board to pin our favorite photos with a few simple thumbtacks. Or, more practical, where to put notes and reminders at home: from work notes, to creative ideas or the shopping list.

Idea 5. A hanger for cups or keys with a photo frame

If we are one of those who lose everything, including house or car keys, this idea can be as beautiful as it is practical. Because we can use that frame of an old painting or photos, to which we have given a coat of paint, to build a simple key hanger, and place it at home near the front door.

If the frame is made of wood, it is very simple, because it is enough to fit some rings or hooks with a round but open head (technically, eyelets), inserted in the lower side of the frame. From them, we can hang the keychains, and find the keys whenever we need.

And something else: because the same idea is used to hang a couple of cups in the kitchen. To make it more decorative, we can place a sheet that we like in the center of the frame. And ready!

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