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Five keys to take advantage of Amazon Prime Day deals | Digital Trends Spanish

With over a million deals available, finding one that’s worth it on Amazon Prime Day 2022 might seem like a daunting task. However, there are a few strategies to make the most of the retail giant’s biggest annual event.

Users from 19 countries where the Amazon Prime program subscription is available –including the United States, Mexico, Spain and, for the first time, Brazil– will have the possibility of accessing spectacular price reductions these days July 12 and 13.

Five purchase keys

And although there is no recipe or precise moment of the 48 hours to keep the best offers, since these change minute by minute, there are some tips that can be followed to take advantage of the event.

  • Enable notifications: If the user is looking for specific categories or products, it is recommended to activate the alerts, both from the Amazon app or the website. “As soon as those categories, those products or similar items are on sale, Amazon will notify them,” explains Flores-Sánchez.
  • Review cured products: another alternative is to go to the website and review the list of products that have already been curated, both by categories or price levels. “If you still don’t know what to buy or what to give -because we know that many people will use Prime Day to get their Christmas gifts early-, these lists will help you with ideas,” adds the executive.
  • Accumulate credits: The 2020 version of Prime Day will allow you to accumulate credits for purchases from small and medium-sized businesses that sell through Amazon. In this way, for each purchase made until October 12 and that is greater than $10 dollars, the user will accumulate a credit of $10 dollars, which can be used for Prime Day purchases. The credits are cumulative for $50 dollars, so a user could even get a free item on Prime Day, says Flores-Sánchez.
  • Amazon Prime Free Trial: Although Prime Day is restricted to users of the Amazon Prime program, users have the possibility of accessing a free 30-day trial. In this way, they will also be able to access the benefits of the event.
  • Extended After Sales Warranty: purchases made between October 1 and December 31, 2020 qualify to be returned or exchanged until January 31, 2021. «If you order something to give as a gift during Christmas and the person prefers to exchange it because they did not like it, they can do it until on January 31,” says Flores-Sánchez.

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