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Five luxury Spanish canneries to surprise your guests with much more than just laterío

It seems that opening a can and pouring it on a plate is easy, but to really look good, you have to find the right preserves. Because mussels that have not had their hair removed and you have to go rummaging through your teeth are not the same thing, or the razor blades or cockles with sand that you end up chewing during the entire Christmas Eve dinner, than the exquisite quality products that the top canneries pack as if they were canned gold.

Five recipes with preserved tuna from the most supportive Cantabrian chefs

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As in Spain we have a few from north to south, we have chosen some brands that we have been testing between fairs and trips, to recommend the most delicious and original, with family stories behind that make them more interesting if possible, since you are contributing something to a company that literally leaves its hands in the dough, so that its best delicatessen come to your table.

Güeyu Mar

It is something extraordinary for its seared preserves. You can’t take long to get to know the arts of Abel Álvarez, who, given the success of his embers at his Güeyumar restaurant in Playa de Vega, thought of trying to can can sardines, razor clams, squid, octopus and different parts of tuna freshly taken from his grill and with some wrappers that you would also eat, how beautiful they are. We bought the cans of sardines and razor clams and we are still licking ourselves, incredible the delicacy of those clean pieces with the smoky flavor of the fire.

Petra Mora

Apart from a super cute design that has won several awards, they make a search for the best products of the most commendable. And, once selected, they pack wonders such as bloc de foie or mussels with white pickled seaweed, about eight or 10 medium-sized pieces that rest clean and soft on a bed of wakame and leeks. You have to combine the flavors to appreciate the sea in its fullness.

Salted anchovies are a good opportunity to see what anchovies really look like before they are filleted and canned for you. Once they are cleaned and desalted, the contrast with avocado and Pedro Ximénez’s reduction is pure balance.

Also amazing is the belly, which, when you remove the skin, you are left with the slices with their natural fat and make a perfect dish with candied piquillo peppers to contrast the salty with the right sweet spot.

Castile selects

It offers a wide variety of derivatives of the Villamartín ducks that they care for in their own farm in Tierra de Campos, in Palencia, as if they were family, in semi-freedom, running through large areas with typical cereals, to obtain large animals and athletic ready-to-bait with corn kernels only.

You have several patés, blocks of foie, delicate offal and duck mousse with cognac, which are delicious and at very affordable prices. In addition to jams and jellies to spread with a little flake salt on toast.

Royal Conservera Española

It is recognized as one of the 10 best canneries in the world in the 2021 World’s 101 Best Canned Products, especially because they can hand-canned fish and shellfish selected from the Galician estuaries with their best seasoning. But probably also because they apply 21st century engineering to a process of more than 100 years.

This is confirmed by the fried mussels in pickle, which are of a hyper juicy meatiness and the pickle is so delicious, smooth and elegant that you should take advantage of it to pour it over the potatoes cooked with mayonnaise proposed by the chef Silvia Ambrós.

You can also take advantage of the red sauce from the exquisite sprigs to add it to one of those instant rice (if you manage not to spread it whole with a good bread, pure temptation). The razor clams come out soft in a very good oil and the sardines have the perfect citric point. Slug clams are velvety, subtle, exquisite, clean, top of the range.


He is a descendant of confinement, as the brothers Javier and Miguel Galera were forging a dream of promoting that typical Spanish aperitif of vermouth with laterío and they did not take long to incorporate their brother Manuel to the project, as well as Pablo Rubio, who has contributed the aesthetic elegance expected of modern canning.

Among the producers of the sector, fishermen, medium and small canners of fish markets, factories and offices of sustainable companies from Galicia or Cantabria, passing through Valencia to the coast of Barbate, they have selected wonders such as their fleshy octopus legs, the exquisite tuna tarantel red in olive oil; the surprising mackerel roe with a slight salty flavor, the melva or the hake in green sauce, which is not so easy to find in tin.

Yes, it is easy on its website, where initiatives such as the withdrawal of 100 grams of plastic from the Mediterranean Sea for each can purchased or the monthly subscription to receive four different preserves at home are surprising.

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