Tuesday, January 18

Five payroll accounts to hire before the end of the year

About to end the year, Bankinter, Abanca and Banco Sabadell offer the best payroll accounts to direct the income. These entities combine an extratyped return (or cash gift) along with zero commissions.

And, although the battle to attract customers in the final stretch of the year has moved to the field of mortgages (where the banks have a greater margin to reduce credits, especially in the field of fixed-rate mortgages), payroll accounts they remain an important avenue for acquiring new customers.

This you know very well Bankinter. The entity chaired by María Dolores Dancausa has not changed the conditions of her Payroll Account for years.

In this way, he did not allow himself to be infected by his rivals who introduced commissions to unrelated clients. And it is that the entity is one of those that less commissions charge: 22.5 euros per semester.

Refering to Payroll Account and its partner the Non-Payroll Account, Bankinter maintains the remuneration of 5 percent the first year and 2 percent for the second with a maximum amount to be paid of 5,000 euros.

In addition, it lowered the requirements to access it, going from being necessary a salary of 1,000 euros to 800 euros.

Until the third quarter of 2021, the bank increased its outstanding balances through this product by 23 percent year-on-year, setting a new record since it stood at 14,500 million euros.

The bank has repeatedly referred to its flagship product as it was the gateway for clients to contract other investment, financing and protection products.

The account is also characterized by the absence of maintenance fee, the free withdrawal of money in 17,000 ATMs throughout the national geography, the free credit card and free national transfers on the bank’s website.

Abanca, an account without commissions even if you don’t have a payroll

Abanca allows the contracting of an account without commissions for both one and two holders without having to direct the payroll, an exception at a time when the banking sector charged its less loyal customers.

What’s more, the bank offers a debit card free of charge, with which you can withdraw money at any ATM (Euro 6000, Bankia, Sabadell, Bankinter, Caja de Arquitectos and Caja Ingenieros), although operations are limited to five a month to avoid the cost.

What’s more, the entity gives 150 euros to customers who pay their payroll if they do it before December 31 of this year. With this offer, the bank not only seeks to attract new customers, but also liabilities at a time when doing so via deposits is practically impossible due to the absence of offers.

Additionally, the bank also offers discounts at gas stations and other businesses if the card is used.

Of course, the client will have to pay for these 150 euros in the income statement as gains from movable capital at the established rates (in this case at 19 percent).

Banco Sabadell remunerates with 3 percent

Banco Sabadell sells its Expansión Plus Account, which pays 3 percent indefinitely as long as the balances do not exceed 10,000 euros.

Regarding its commission policy, the Banco Sabadell Expansión Plus Account does not charge maintenance or administration fees, offers free transfers, allows you to deposit checks at no cost and it has free cards: a Mastercard Oro card, a BS Card Mastercard Oro debit card and a Repsol Máxima Card, which offers a 2 percent discount on fuels from Repsol, Campsa and Petronor.

It is one of the accounts that requires the highest requirements, since in order to access it, it is necessary to direct debit a payroll, pension or regular income of 3,000 euros per month along with two receipts.

Two more accounts to end the year

The most modest entities concentrate the best offers in payroll accounts since their main objective is to attract clients, but they have a much less extensive branch network than large banks.

For this reason, they use more aggressive offers, which combine cash gifts, above-average returns and other advantages such as zero commissions.

Among these offers stands out the 360 degree account of Cajamar, one of the few survivors to the aggressive response of the banks after the launch of the defunct Banco Santander Account 1 2 3.

Thus, Cajamar’s product offers a cash gift of 200 euros and a remuneration of 1 percent for a balance between 3,001 and 9,000 euros, if it is less, the profitability falls to 0.25 percent. This yes, in addition to direct debit a payroll of at least 1,200 euros, the client must meet two additional requirements from a list of seven options.

Finally, Liberbank also offers a remuneration of 5 percent for 24 months, but only for the first 2,000 euros or 150 euros if payroll is domiciled.

In addition, the account will not have commissions as long as a payroll or pension of at least 600 euros is domiciled.