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Five reasons you did not know about investing in fine gold

But, What are the top three reasons to invest in gold?

From Leiva Jewels They affirm that the reasons for acquiring this metal are varied and have to do with the objectives of each one, in the short and long term. But taking into account Argentina’s economic history, the main ones are:

  • Inflation: It is not news that in our country we have always been victims of excessive inflation. A great advantage of gold is that its value is not affected by world economic crises, that is, its price is independent of any government.
  • Stability: Precious metals retain their value in any country in the world since, as we said before, it is not related to politicians or governments. In addition, it is a raw material required in many sectors and areas, which ensures its demand, and many times, the stability of its price.
  • Acceptance: All the cultures of the world know the value of this metal. In each country it has a particular history and there is no one who does not recognize it. This is a great advantage over the most popular forms of savings: the purchase of foreign currency and the purchase of cryptocurrencies. Beyond preserving its value, gold is accepted anywhere.
  • Liquidity: Both the ingots like the coins gold have great liquidity as they can be converted into cash quickly anywhere in the world.
  • High demand: As it is the main raw material for many products, for example jewelry or household appliances, its demand is assured.

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Soledad Bizgarra, sales executive at Leiva Joyas.


“At the time of investing, each one must analyze the complete list of options to be able to choose the best way to do it” says Bizgarra, the sales executive of Leiva Jewels.

In Argentina there are several alternatives: buying dollars – or any other foreign currency -, cryptocurrencies or gold. The latter is the only one that does not collapse overnight, as one of those mentioned in the first place can. In addition, as the sales executive of the renowned jewelry store tells us, “there are no limitations when it comes to acquiring it, as it does with other assets.”

If you want to invest but need more information, you can communicate through whatsapp with the team of Leiva Jewels and receive personalized advice to make the best decision. Also, in the shop online From this company you will find the complete catalog with all the parts and their respective characteristics.