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Five recommended TVs and on offer for Christmas

Let’s face it: the sixth wave has exploded us by surprise and its shock wave has left us quite stunned; now many and many of us, with Christmas pending a PCR, the suckling pig and the prawns overflowing in the freezer, waiting to know if any member of the family is infected, and the January holidays almost certainly suspended due to the closure of the destination country, we have no choice but to resign ourselves.

Just like it says in the movie Cornered: “That which you call hell, he [en este caso no John Rambo sino ómicron] calls it home “: we will spend, with a high probability, Christmas confined, or semi-enclosed, at the rate of contagion that we are going. Therefore, the best thing is assume reality and anticipate the virus.

But how? Very simple, making us with the best possible technological material to defend ourselves from boredom, laziness and stupidity. The long hours can be made more bearable with a good television to connect with our favorite platforms and watch the series we like.

In this article we offer you five recommended and discounted televisions to beat an “omicron Christmas”.

Xiaomi Smart TV P1 50 Inch

Xiaomi bets on Android TV on its televisions and a native Netflix app. This makes them a very interesting option for those looking for a TV to have in the room and use from time to time.

Of course: their models do not have great results. Although Xiaomi assures that its televisions have HDR, they are not capable of reproducing it correctly, so activating it will not mean any change with the SDR (the usual one).

Now, if what we are looking for is a large TV at a very good price, the Xiaomi P1 is a good opportunity with access to Netflix, Prime Video and other platforms. It is also compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa for voice commands and features Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and three HDMMI inputs, as well as two USB ports. Perfect for the not very demanding.

📺 This TV is on sale for 389.00 euros, with which you save 210 euros

TD Systems K32DLX11HS

A stone’s throw from 2022 many of us may be clamoring for a cheap 4K TV to combat “omicron Christmas.” The TD Systems K32 may be our solution. At a discount compared to its original price, we find ourselves in front of an LED monitor with 4K resolution and HDR technology.

In addition, it has the Android TV 9.0 operating system, so it has an embedded Chromecast. This means that we can duplicate the screen of our mobile or send content directly. It is a small format, it is true, but perfect for studios, bedrooms and even living rooms where size matters to us.

📺 This TV is on sale for 179.00 euros, with which you save 50 euros

Samsung 4K UHD 2021 55AU8005

If we go big and want a brand with a guarantee but with advantageous prices, Samsung may have what we need. It has this 55-inch smart TV with Crystal UHD resolution, Crystal UHD processor, HDR10 + and Integrated Alexa.

We will also gain in space thanks to its extra-flat design, which allows it to be placed in any space. In addition, it is coordinated with the Tap View mobile application, by which we can connect the mobile to the TV with a simple touch to automatically duplicate its screen and enjoy the content in a big way.

📺 This TV is on sale for 559.90 euros, so you save 159.10 euros

Samsung QLED 4K 2021 55Q74A

If we want to bet on Samsung’s QLED model, which is its alternative technology, to OLEDs, this model is a good recommendation both to enjoy your series and for video games, and it also combines perfectly with your mobile, allowing you to make and receive video calls full screen.

📺 This TV is on sale for 669.00 euros, with which you save 350.99 euros

LG 43UP8000-ALEXA 2021

It is a 43-inch 4K HDR smart TV with an AI Sound & Virtual Surround sound processor, which offers 360º surround sound. It is another good quality television, ideal both for watching television and series and movie platforms as well as for video games.

📺 This TV is on sale for 449.00 euros, with which you save 100 euros

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