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Five Star Wars droids we need in our lives | Digital Trends Spanish

Every May 4, Star Wars and everything that surrounds this vast science fiction universe is celebrated. And it is that the so-called “Star Wars Day” gives us an excellent excuse to remember and watch (once again!) the movies and discuss the most important characters –among them– all the androids that have captivated us along the way. of the saga.

These robots —nicknamed droids— have become a constant throughout all the films. In fact, and if it serves as a reference, the word droid was patented by LucasFilm, that is, it is another of the hallmarks of Star Wars.

Regarding androids, they come in all shapes and with all kinds of functions. Here, at the very least, we pick the five we might need the most in our lives:


The first two places in this top five They may seem predictable, but who could resist the charms of the charismatic R2-D2. Without a doubt, he is the most helpful and loyal droid of all, having accompanied Luke, Anakin and Obi-Wan, among others.

Don’t be fooled by its insignificant appearance, because this android has a bravery and an adventurous spirit that we all want. In fact, many point to him as a constant savior of the galaxy.


Another of the most beloved characters of StarWars. Impossible to leave it out of a list, precisely of droids. A good companion like R2-D2, in fact it is very common to see them together, so they form a unique couple.

C-3PO appears in all the films of the saga, except in Only. It can be defined as a protocol droid that is fluent in over six million languages ​​and forms of communication.

repair droids

The kind of droid we need in our lives. This class of robots, also called maintenance droids or repair droids, are trained to carry out general maintenance tasks.

Best of all, they always work as a team, which makes them more efficient beings. They can repair or clean equipment, but some are even capable of piloting spaceships, as long as their owners require it.

battle droids

Okay, they may not be the fastest or the most agile, but at least there are many, millions of them. So, having an army of combat or battle droids will always be practical, more in the field related to our security, don’t you think?


Finally, we selected this GNK power droid for its curious appearance and all the possibilities it offers. It is basically a droid that generates electricity, the curious thing is that for some reason it has legs, that is, it can move autonomously, especially in remote areas that do not have electricity or in mobile military operations.

Some would say that it is a battery with legs, but we do not want to fall into that definition.

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