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Five things to do with your old jeans or ripped jeans

Jeans are the king of our wardrobe, but also of the ecological disaster. “To make a single pair of jeans about 7,500 liters of water are consumed, which is equivalent to the water consumption of a person in seven years, “says a report from the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development. Other studies raise the environmental disaster, and estimate that some 10,000 liters of water to make each pair of jeans.

Don’t throw it away: eleven things to do with your old clothes

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To its advantage: With a little help from us, a good cowboy never dies. And if not, let them tell that almost indestructible pair that lives in your closet. What’s more: over the years, a good pair of jeans takes on personality and it is increasingly difficult for us to get rid of this iconic garment. Now, if you think the time has come to say goodbye to your jeans, think twice. Because this garment may still have a more than decent second life. And his charisma will not stop growing over the years.

1. Repair your jeans

A good couple of jeans it can last several decades; if you take good care of them and repair them from time to time. When you have tired of the wide leg, you can try to narrow it. Or repair the pockets or your zipper, even add a patch.

You do not need to have a sewing machine or skill with the needle: repair shops or sewing workshops make it easy for us. And, depending on what you need, you can get your old jean back for less than 10 euros.

2. Cushion cover with jeans

Need ideas to redecorate your home for little or no money? If so, here comes that cowboy to your rescue. In fact, denim or denimIt is a trend, and this fabric is widely used in home furnishings and home furnishings in furniture stores.

Although, surely, the easiest way to take advantage of its resistance is to transform the legs of your jeans in a cushion cover.

With this simple idea, you can renew the look of your sofa or your room. And if you want to add a touch of contrast, try using several jeans in slightly different shades to create cushions in various shades of denim blue. [Hace un tiempo te contamos otras 20 cosas para hacer con tus calcetines viejos.]

3. Make an apron with your cowboy

Another idea is to take advantage of that resistant denim fabric to make you an apron that you use for cooking, for the urban garden or to protect yourself during your DIY tasks.

What’s more: you can also take advantage of the pockets of your jeans to keep your kitchen objects or accessories organized while you work. All you need is a bit of skill (or help) and add a few strips of fabric to fit the cowboy apron around your waist.

4. A basket of old jeans

A little extra storage space always comes in handy, and the durability of denim allows us to create beautiful, sturdy storage baskets to organize any room in the home.

These stiff baskets or bags made from your old jeans can help you both to keep your socks together and to put a bit of order in the bathroom: in fact, they are very useful for organizing your brushes or your makeup.

5. A case for the tablet or mobile with a cowboy

Electronic devices travel with us even to the bathroom. And, if not, ask them on your mobile. For this reason, tablets, computers, and also your smartphone, can appreciate additional protection that makes them more resistant to the shocks and mishaps of their daily life. And yes: your old jeans can help you here too.

Are tablet sleeves made with jeans They can be adapted to the dimensions of a computer or mobile. Not to mention that they are a great idea to give to family and friends.

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