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Five uses that you can give to your WhatsApp chat with yourself | Digital Trends Spanish

Having a chat just for you meant, until recently, creating a group, adding one of your contacts, and then deleting it. Even though you were the only person here, it was still a group. Fortunately, the instant messaging platform has already enabled the alternative of having a chat with yourself, a personal one, and the possibilities that open up with this are diverse. We tell you five uses that you can give to this space in WhatsApp.

Before moving on to these, it is worth knowing how to enable your chat with yourself. Open the application, press the icon that enables the window of new chat, and once here, take a look at the contacts section. Your cell phone appears highlighted and the following legend: “Send messages to this same number.”

By clicking here, your personal chat will open for you to send all kinds of content or messages, yes, as you do with other contacts. Let’s go with the five uses for this function.

memo pad

You may no longer seek to install more applications on your cell phone, either due to lack of space or because you do not want to spend more resources. Well then, your chat with yourself becomes an excellent notepad.

It is possible to highlight the title of your annotations when put it in bold (place an asterisk before and after the word or phrase: *text*) or italicize a certain word (_text_).

Remember that the chat window also allows you to put emojis, stickers and GIF-like images, so that you can emphasize each line or paragraph as best suits you.


voice notes

By way of exaggeration, there are two types of users in WhatsApp: those who send concise text messages and those who tend to send long voice notes all the time.

If you are one of the latter, one use that you can give to your personal chat is as a recorder, so that you can record everything from the ideas that come to you at a certain moment to all kinds of reminders.

Solely as a courtesy to others, try to listen to your voice notes when you have your headphones at hand (not with the audio of the cell phone).

shopping lists

Time to go to the supermarket? It is always advisable to make a list so that you spend only on the products you need. Your personal space in WhatsApp is also useful in this sense, likewise, with the possibility of adding everything from emojis to stickers.

A tip for making an interactive shopping list: Press the plus symbol (+) next to the bar that lets you write messages and click the button Poll in the new window. Instead of putting a question, title your list, while each of the options, up to 12, can be each of the items you require (with the possibility of checking them when they are in your shopping cart).

content store

It’s happened to all of us: finding a useful article that can’t be reviewed at the moment. Well, all you have to do to read it later is copy its link and paste it into your personal WhatsApp chat.

This space could also be used to, for example, transfer a PDF or other document from your computer to your cell phone. From WhatsApp for desktop, drag the file to your personal chat… Done! It’s also copied to your phone so you can review it on the go.

document scanner

If you need to take a photo of a receipt or a document, your personal WhatsApp chat will be ready to store it. Once it is open, press the camera icon, point your cell phone and register the photo(s), so that you can use it when you need it.

Like other content or messages, it is possible to highlight your photos to access them faster. You just have to click on one and press the icon of the star that is displayed (process for iOS).

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